Are The Senegalese Marabouts Compelling Buhari To Close/Relocate Aso Rock Church? Find Out

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President Muhammadu Buhari may be under intense pressure to relocate or close down the Aso Rock chapel, where Christians have been worshiping on Sundays. Vanguard report.

Fresh facts have on Wednesday emerged that the Senegalese Marabouts hired by the Buhari administration to perform spiritual cleansing rites at the Aso Rock Villa have strictly urged Buhari to shut down the Aso Rock Villa Chapel.

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Reliable sources close to the polity squealed that the location of the Villa Chapel – which was built and inaugurated by President Olusegun Obasanjo – is too close to Buhari’s bedroom and kitchen and must give way.

Other finding from Thebreakingtimes shows that President Buhari is acting on the advice of Senegalese marabouts, who performed spiritual cleansing at the Aso Rock Villa prior to his relocation from the Defence House to Aso Rock.

The marabouts advised him to shut down the Aso Rock Chapel as its continued existence was affecting spiritual activities being conducted on behalf of the President, the publication said.

It will be recalled, President Buhari was not ready to take residence at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa until the necessary “spiritual cleansing” has been carried out at the Villa by a team of Senegalese marabouts hired by the President.

However, the Nigerian presidency denied the report.

More information gathered shows that unlike Obasanjo who deliberately built the church to be close to his official residence so that he could enjoy worship and prayers from the comfort of his bedroom, the same would not apply to President Buhari as he’s a Muslim.



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  1. May be this is not true. May be the President is preparing a more appropriate place for the Christians in Aso Rock to worship. May be…. If not, no matter the number of laudable physical steps taken by the president, with this singular spiritual error, every other progress will end up being journey in a circle! Don’t ride on Mr President! Pause and remember how the story ended in 1985… We want you to end well this time around… I command every power that want you to run to error to dry up in Jesus name.

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