50 Cent To Taraji P Henson: “I Hit That”

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50 Cent

Well, y’all know 50 Cent don’t play and he just showed that again.

The Rapper/Businessman who is not exactly anyone’s favorite Rapper these days has been taken shots at different celebrities all his life.

However, you might believe you’ve seen his worst but you haven’t.

50 Cent whose favorite person to bully is Rapper/Mogul/Record Label Exec (and one of the richest men in hiphop) PDiddy, has taken time out to shade another celeb.

And this time, he is picking on one of TV’s hottest women of the moment, Taraji P Henson.

During the premiere of the hit show “Empire” last night, Taraji’s character Cookie called 50 Cent “thirsty”.

But the Rapper decided to show he was not thirsty by dedicating his time to give different responses.

He did not only shade Taraji’s character, he also dedicated two posts to throwing jabs at the hit show.

It should be recalled that 50 Cent once claimed this show was stolen from him and then said Power (his show on Starz) is a better show.

But who would have thought he would mention “hitting that”?

According to his Instagram diss, 50 Cent claims he slept with Taraji.

Looks like that beef isn’t going away soon.

Watch the video he posted on Instagram below…




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