5 Reasons You Should Put Your Spouse Ahead Of Your Parents

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There are a lot of reasons why your family should come first in your life especially your parents and siblings. You however get to a point where you have to reconsider that stance. The moment you fall in love and decide to spend the rest of your life with someone, people on your priority scale begin to change.

From that moment, you and your spouse have to be first on each other’s priority scale but this is not to say you should abandon your parents, it simply means your spouse has become top priority. If you’re wondering why your spouse should come first, here are five reasons why.

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It Shows You Respect Your Spouse

When you partner is top on your priority list, it helps to build a strong bond between you two. If you have a spouse that continually runs to their parents or siblings for advice instead of first talking to their partner, chances of distrusting them would arise. Talking about your problems together as a couple can help to create a united solution which in turn strengthens your relationship. When you talk together as a couple about your problems and seek answers in a united way, it strengthens your marriage. Parents this is not to say advice can’t be sought from family; if so, such should be done when your partner is present. Overall, running to your family shouldn’t be the first point of call.

It’s Indicative Of a Strong Relationship

When you put your spouse first, you are bound to have a strong relationship as opposed to when others come first. Putting others ahead of a spouse would make your spouse feel useless and insecure which is bound to create more problems for the relationship. When you put your spouse first, your family and your spouse will recognize how important your relationship is to you.

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It Helps Create Intimacy With Your Spouse

When you put your partner first, there’s a huge chance that the both of you can understand and meet each others needs. Sharing your thoughts and experiences with your spouse can help develop intimacy that would open more romantic doors. It is however hard to achieve intimacy if you don’t feel like the numero uno in your partner’s life. When your family has that number one spot, there is a chance that this would be difficult to achieve. It is important you maintain a level of closeness to your parents but avoid the pothole of letting it jeopardize your marriage.

You Know They Would Be There When Things Get Tough

When your partner is on the top of your priority list, their loyalty is assured. You’ve kept each other at the top of the list, there will be no question about loyalty to and from your spouse. Things are bound to get tough at some point in time and knowing that your spouse would be there for you irrespective of what happens is comforting to say the least. When you and your partner keep each other at the top of one another’s priority list, you are subconsciously assured that you will both be there for each other through the hard times. Love and support from family is also important to have but at the end of the day, it is your partner that would be by your side for life.

When Everyone Leaves, Your Spouse Would Be The Person Left

Another reason to have your spouse as number one in your life is that your they can help to make the pain of losing a family member less painful. If you keep a proper balance between loving your parents and spouse, you’re bound to have sweeter memories when your parents go to the great beyond just as you’d have a stronger relationship through it all.

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It is however important to not push away your family but find a formula which incorporates them and your spouse. Maintaining a closely knit relationship with your family can have an effect on your relationship with your spouse. A relationship that keeps everyone happy can be built with your spouse still retaining the top spot in your life.



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