5 Nigerian Artistes In Desperate Need Of A Hit

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In the Nigerian music industry, it’s common knowledge that to stay relevant, an artiste needs to churn out hits intermittently. As our market is a singles driven market, people tend to judge and forget any artiste who hasn’t had a song on everyone’s lips in as long as a year. So every artiste that must stay relevant needs to have at least on monster jam every year. Do this and you can trust that you will be getting your shows and endorsements. If you don’t do this then, I’m sorry.

Now to my hard task of listing 5 Artistes who are desperately in need of a hit.

5. Dammy Krane
Dammy krane is an artist who for the most part of his career he has been almost there. Everyone recognizes that he has talent but that’s pretty much it. He just seems that there’s something stopping him from being A-list. He has so many great songs but none of them has really hit the spot. Amin did quite well  but as I said it didn’t hit that spot. Dammy Krane desperately needs a hit, not just a hit but a club hit, otherwise he can get ready to kiss his spot goodbye

4. 9ice

Definitely the most promising act of our time. Arguably the one of the closest Nigerians to winning a grammy with Gongo Aso and Street Credibility. Unfortunately, he seems to have gone on a downward spiral from there. He has released about 3 or so albums since then and nothing has seems to latch on for the super-talented artiste. He is in desperate need of a hit if he doesn’t want to make the history books his home.

3. Naeto C
Naeto C is another artist that had to make the list. Naeto C is a rapper who if not for Glo adverts we might not know was still an artist.  I remember when I first heard Naeto C on ‘You Know My P’,  I was like this guy is going to change the dynamics of Nigerian hip-hop. He had that rap style that only southern rappers had, the lokes of Ti and so on. So what happened? He used to be a hit machine. Always bringing a new slang, a new trend and all of a sudden, nothing. Kini Big Deal, 10 over 10, even when we were beginning to forget him, he gave us ‘Tony Montana’. I am however positive that he will be back after hearing his latest album and his feature on Leriq’s album but he needs to hasten his steps as even the Glo adverts will become history if not.

2. Tiwa Savage
Tiwa Savage Bills is the queen of this list. I know many will have their reservations on why she’s on this list but the truth is that since she went on maternity leave, the game has changed. Yemi Alade and Seyi Shay have turned into beasts. They took the opportunity to grab the bull by the horn. So Tiwa needs to come back hard. Come back with a hit, not just a hit, a massive hit otherwise, she’ll need to join the queue she left while she was on top.

1. D’Banj
The Kokomaster himself is number one on this list because his case is most serious. He is undoubtedly the biggest artiste in Nigeria but the fact is he is losing his relevance. That “Wow! That’s D’Banj” is leaving us. What happened to D’Banj who made the monster hit Oliver Twist. No one believes he can match Oliver Twist but he needs to stay relevant. ‘Knocking On My Door’ is a joke compared to his past hits. D’banj needs a hit as soon as possible because if he doesn’t have one soon then he might as well give all the money he uses for videos to charity.


This was hard for me to write but I just have to say the truth as I think it is. So please feel free to share your own views in the comment section below.


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  1. They need to holler at me. I could hook them up with a couple. Lol. Good write up, but remember it’s just an opinion. I think it should be Yemi Alade on the list after releasing Johnny. She has not had any song as good as that monster hit. Bless.

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