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Firstly this wasn’t written to disrespect the Incredible Alapomeji Chief – ‘9ice‘ aka ọba asa …rather it’s only a way of ‘me’ expressing my dissatisfaction with the current state of his music. In other words please no insulting comments biko.

The track ‘Little Money‘ was the first song by 9ice I heard (watched the video on Music Africa); and since then I’ve been a core fan of his music. He didn’t for one day disappoint, as he kept releasing not just good but relatable music.

The album Gongo Aso which was released in ’08, till date remains one of my favourite materials ever to be released in Nigeria (even Africa)…dude followed-up with Tradition, an album which sounded like 9ice brought in his doppelganger (it was super amazing).

What Happened To 9ice?

It all started with the whole double album isshh…December 12, 2011, 9ice released two albums – Bashorun Gaa and Versus (The Battle Line is Drawn). This was in fact a bold step of confidence taken which certainly turned out to be a huge loss; as both albums (joined together) didn’t come close to showing any sign of maturity in his music but they showed otherwise.

But Did He Stop For A Rethink?

I’d say NO! 9ice released Life Drama a good tune accompanied with a video… out of nowhere came Aje; where said “bi Jesu fi popular to, ko popular to ‘wo” translated from Yoruba to English: “Even as popular as Jesus is, he isn’t as popular money”… good gawd almighty! I was still dealing with the fact that his voice was no longer cool like I used to know and he said money is more popular than Jesus? Maybe that’s the more reason why majority of those who bought his second double release “GRA/CNN” wanted their money back after listening to it.

To sum up, I can confidently say I’m not the only person not feeling the new 9ice as the old one was actually nicer. Enough said, I just hope 9ice finds his ‘lost sound‘ back. Yup! I’m done pouring out my heart; so lets get down to my music library own by 9ice. Download/listen to them below and compare them tracks with the recently released songs by 9ice.


  1. Little Money 9ice 4:24
  2. Make Dem Talk (feat. 2Shotz) 9ice 5:36
  3. Ganja Man 9ice 3:25
  4. Music Daddy 9ice 4:54
  5. Pamurogo 9ice 4:10
  6. Ade Ori 9ice 3:11
  7. Gongo Aso 9ice 3:46
  8. Street Credibility (feat. 2Face Idibia) 9ice 4:50
  9. Party Rider 9ice 4:38
  10. Gbamu Gbamu 9ice 4:01
  11. No Be Mistake 9ice 4:22


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Oghene Michael

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