14 Year Old Muslim Student Arrested Because His Assignment “Looked Like A Bomb”

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Ahmed Mohamed

14 Year Old Muslim Student Arrested Because His Assignment “Looked Like A Bomb”

Fourteen year old Ahmed Mohamed is being arrested for the first time in his life for committing no crime.

The teenager who schools in MacArthur High School In Irving, Texas was on Monday arrested for his engineering assignment which supposedly looked like a bomb.

Ahmed Mohamed had reportedly made a clock using a small digital display to make a clock in his bedroom on Sunday night.

On monday morning, the teen took the clock to school and excitedly showed it to his teacher.

However, the teacher told him that even though it was a brilliant idea, he should not let the other teachers see it.

Ahmed then safely kept the device in his bag while receiving classes.

And everything was seemingly fine until the clock began to tick.

When he brought it out of his bag to stop, his English teacher said it “looked like a bomb” and had him sent to the Principal.

Ahmed Mohamed was later arrested and questioned without his Parents or guardian present.

During the interrogation, he was not allowed to contact his Parents and his little invention together with his Tablet was seized.

The Council on American Islamic relations has reportedly spoken to Lawyers.

Ahmed was led out of the school in handcuffs.

Ahmed Mohamed said of the whole situation and being led out in cuffs, “It made me feel like I wasn’t a human, it made me feel like I was a criminal”



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