11 Things All Slim Guys Can Relate To

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If you are a slim guy or (the more commonly used word) thin guy, there is a level of annoyance that comes with being called certain names. People fail to understand that you have a ridiculously fast metabolism or some kind of genetic inheritance responsible for your slim frame. Slim guys can understand some of the struggles that will be mentioned below or perhaps, all of the struggles.

Everyone asks if you’re vegetarian “or something.”
Because of your skinny frame, everyone seems to think that you stay off meat and anything linked to dairy products. They think you’re someone who enjoys an atrocious diet and it may be true for certain skinny guys but nonetheless, there are lots of slim guys who can eat a mountain load of food including

Nobody believes you when you say you’re not hungry.
When you have no craving for food, people find it hard to believe. The stomachs of slim people are perhaps smaller than those of their fat counterparts and thus, can fill up much faster. In truth stomach size may not matter, but best believe it when they say they are full.

People will still insist on serving you food… even if you say you’re full.
Perhaps out of concern for your slim frame, you’d oftentimes hear people offer you food even when you obviously don’t want to eat anything more. They may ask till you become annoyed. It’s even worse off when you’re with your own family.

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People regularly suggest that you workout or join a gym.
People fail to think that you may actually love your body just the way it is. Being told that you need to add a bit of weight is as offending as when a fat person is told that they need to shed some weight.

At some point, a girl has told you that she is afraid she will “break” you during sex.
You probably have heard a girl you’ve been with say this. Totally false, as skinny folks can definitely hold their own down.
You dress in layers just to look normal.
It’s quite unacceptable for you to go out dressed without an undershirt. You’d sometimes have to put on a full length trouser under your pants just to make your frame appear bulky.

You buy more of slim-fit jeans because they feel and look more normal.
Slim fit jeans become your thing because they have some sort of fitting that makes you look suave. You must however make sure that the jeans are slim-fit and not skinny. My life seriously changed the day I bought my first pair of slim-fit jeans. There’s a difference between both.

People doubt you have any athletic ability whatsoever.
People don’t really get to see you as someone with any form of athletic ability. Maybe sports like football may be hard but basketball, table tennis and badminton can be played by persons of any size. The good side of this is that people will tend to underestimate you; so if you do have talent, you’ll appear even better than you really are.

Even if it’s not that cold out, you’re still colder than everyone else.
Due to your body size, you’ve got a significantly reduced amount of body fat meant to help you retain body heat. You’d be colder than most people and will have to lie about the way you’re feeling a lot of the time.

People suspect you’re keeping an illness from everyone else.
You’d oftentimes hear “How can you be 23 and be that skinny?!” some will attribute tour skinny frame to an illness or drug abuse problem.

You’re afraid of getting sick because you know it means you’re probably going to lose weight.
Because of your low weight and tiny frame, you constantly fear falling ill. Your fear stems from how much weight you’d lose which may make you look very awful.



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