What’s The Deal With John Dumelo And Yvonne Nelson?

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Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo had quite the fall out a few months ago and like every other celeb in 21st century, they gave a show on social media.

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And even though the two of them displayed their friendship on social media for their fans to see, Yvonne was accused by Dumelo at the time of deleting their old photos together.

And just in case you had hopes for your favorite celeb besties to come back, Yvonne Nelson might just have replaced John Dumelo with someone elseYvonne Nelson  Yvonne posted this photo on Instagram some hours ago and captioned it

 That crazy best friend in the back who teases me about my hair not growing @realkayelliott.

Seems like John Dumelo has been replaced but we do miss that friendship. Don’t you?

Image: Instagram/YvonneNelsongh



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