What Are You Good At? – Lets Discuss #TheHustlePlaylist

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We all have genius-level talent, we just have to find out what [we’re] genius at and apply ourselves in a way that supports that genius. First recognize that genius, then believe in it. You avoid all the outside noise. People put their fears and their insecurities on you so you can’t reach your full potential. Don’t let all the outside things get in the way.

— Jay Z

It’s funny how you battle/struggle to get someone to pour out his/her heart and feelings about you and suddenly you’re indirectly asked “What Do You Plan To Be In The Future?“… As straight and simple as that could sound it is indeed the most trickish question anybody can ask you especially when you personally know you ain’t really in your field.

Apparently lots of people (in the new generation) just jump into anything they feel can fetch them money… maybe because peer pressure or trying to satisfy their parent. It’s really important to discover that field where “The Almighty” has blessed you with; and pursue that part while you [turn a deaf ear] to anything outside your dream.

Dear friend don’t just dedicate yourself to anything that just brings money fam… First you have to ask God to help you (don’t forget God helps those who help themselves) discover that which is your ‘personal gift’; and you should believe in yourself & that *special ability* else your gift won’t be fruitful.

In conclusion, you should ask yourself “Who Am I?“… because we all want the same thing; that’s “not just Feeling Complete but To Be Complete“.

Below are two inspirational songs to keep you motivated and inspired as you find out who you are and believe in your gift.


  1. Dis My Handz Jahdiel 3:22
  2. I Know Who I Am Sinach 6:11

– Aworoghene Michael (@Oghene_Michael)

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

“I grew up in the age of 50 and Game ...“

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