VIDEO: Look Out Nicki! UK Female Rapper Lights Up The Internet With ‘Queen’s Speech’

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Finally, here comes a worthy competition for Nicki Minaj who has ruled the world of modern female Rap unchallenged (of course this is entirely my opinion).

Lyricist Lady Leshurr who has been steadily building buzz for years on the underground circuit in the United Kingdom looks all set to burst into limelight after her Queen’s speech rap series goes KABOOOM! on the internet.


The Queen’s speech is a fire-laced series of freestyle delivered just for the bants by the Femcee.

While dishing out impeccable delivery on the last installment of the rap series, Leshurr smartly jumps on Pop culture’s hottest topics — Rachel Dolezal and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.
PEEP the visuals below:




What do you think? Is she a worthy competition?






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  1. Wickd !! Jus hope she keeps it real and doesn’t sell out to the evil industry pigs ,, like so many other fakers !! Big up ma keep it real alwayz !!

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