Verratti: I’m Open To PL Move, But Barcelona Interest Is Flattering

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PSG midfielder Marco Verratti has pointed out that a move to the premier league will be an option should he leave PSG.

Verratti is on Barcelona’s wish list and the Frenchman who played astounding football for PSG admits he likes their style of play.

Verratti made sure to point out how happy he is at PSG, but also highlighted that a move overseas will be appealing.

“You never know what the future brings,” he remarked. “I am fine where I am now and I am not thinking about a transfer.

“I will consider my options the day I no longer feel good at PSG or when the club wants to sell me but England, Spain and Italy are all options. What matters most is the project.”

“Barcelona are one of the strongest clubs in the world and have been so for a long time,” he enthused. “They are a great team but I am happy at PSG at the moment. But it is always flattering for a player when such a big club is interested in you.

“It is up to the people at Barcelona to decide [if I would fit in] but it is true that I like their style.”



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