Uh-Oh Somebody Pissed David Beckham Off And He’s Venting!

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We want David Beckham to remain hot but definitely not regarding his temper – the father of four/Football star has been pissed off by Daily mail and he’s venting!

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Beckham who has shown he is a doting father over time was criticised by a Daily Mail article and he is not taking it lightly.

The handsome husband of Victoria Beckham took to Instagram to vent his anger regarding the article and why he shouldn’t be told how to raise his child.

The whole situation started when a post claiming Harper could be at a risk of speech defect and dental problems because she still uses a dummy aka pacifier at 4, was uploaded on Daily Mail online.

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And Beckham is probably right, nobody should tell anyone how to raise their kids. We just want him to calm down sha, we don’t want our favorite man getting all riled up like that.



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