#TransferBusiness: Manchester United

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The season starts today and kicks off with the Red Devils taking on Tottenham. Are the boys of Old Trafford ready to rumble and fight for the EPL trophy?

Las season Van Gaal wasn’t shy with the money, went all out to build a squad that’ll challenge the league. A few mishaps and bad runs saw them limping to a fourth place finish. With the likes of Di Maria, Falcao and Van Persie, you would think top three will be easy. Blame injury, it is to blame, but the manager should shoulder all of the fault.

He experimented with the team like a mad scientist and now he has a result. Recently announcing to deploy his men in the 4-3-3 formation, that’s by the way. What’s to say Van Gaal will use the new assets he acquired right and not bungle it like he did last season’s. That was what he did, you don’t cast aside a player because of injury and lack of confidence. You manage him, try to bring out the very best in him. Van Persie performed under him for the national team, but was a different shade of flop for united. What changed? The way the manager handled it. Di Maria will always be exquisite, but injuries hampered him and he was called upon rarely.

United might have a forward problem, but they also have a manager problem. What’s to say he won’t cast Depay aside if he shoots outside the box, when LVG told him not to. LVG demands obedience, when he doesn’t get that, your playing time suffers.

Di Maria has joined PSG. That shouldn’t hurt much, he got Schweinsteiger, schneiderlin and Depay. Making his midfield one of envy in the league. And with Darmian able to boss the wings, United might as well be unstoppable.

But will Van Gaal dish out second chances and not lash out prematurely? Schweinsteiger is a bag of injuries, what will be his fate if he turns out to be another Di Maria? Leaving United next window maybe.

I wonder why a striker is yet to be acquired, a deal for Pedro might be in the works, but finalizing it earlier pays. Rooney is not a natural striker, though he can score. Good to know Hernandez is back, but I feel LVG doesn’t like him.

A change of manager will change nothing, orientation maybe. Manchester United is a gifted team with a weak central defense, why LVG is ignoring this glaring problem is more evidence of how myopic he is.

He must see beyond the scope.



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