Top 5 Ways To Deal With An Annoying Coworker

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At your workplace, there is definitely a colleague that you can’t stand for minutes just because of some abnormalities you noticed. The person might be lousy, cocky or obnoxious and seem annoying sometimes.

There are some ways to deal with such kind of person that won’t hurt anyone at your workplace and it includes;

                           Be Positive Mindedpositive-thinking-b

Maintain a positive attitude towards the annoying colleague always, the best thing to do in this situation is to let the annoying things the co-worker does roll off your back and don’t seem bothered about the irritating habit. Despite your best efforts, there are times when there’s nothing you can do about an annoying coworker. Instead of focusing on his or her behavior, try to take a more positive, forgiving approach. When you start to feel stressed or bothered, take a short break, get some air outside the office and practice deep breathing. Deep-breathing exercises can help you re-focus and calm you down so you don’t blow up or act awkward toward your coworker. It won’t change their behavior, but trying to see the situation from a humorous and more relaxed perspective will help you cope. Dwelling on the negative can distract you from being productive in your endeavors. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to stay focused on what you need to accomplish and to have a positive attitude at work.

                           Shun Gossipsgossip

Gossip can tarnish your image, some annoying coworkers can drain your energy, make you feel frustrated and make you feel like a dark cloud is following you around. It might be tempting to gossip about your annoying coworker with other colleagues, gossip inevitably comes back to bite you in the long run. Who gossips to you will as well gossip about you to others. Gossiping might change the tides and turn you into the annoying coworker in the eyes of your colleagues. If you have concerns, it’s best to confront the annoying coworker directly or discuss your concerned issues with your direct employer.

                       Ignore Their Flawsflaw

There’s no perfect human being, we are bound to make mistakes but if you notice your annoying colleague has too much flaws just ignore, don’t bother yourself correcting unnecessarily. Pointing out the flaws at times might make you look stupid so its best you overlook. Co-workers who are talkative or super–arrogant should just be ignored. If the boss is unaware of the problem or simply lets it slide, it’s not your problem to worry about. Even if it drives you nuts sometimes; that your co-worker is never prepared, nags or brags all of the time about nothing, don’t feed into their flaw. This will only cause you to become more annoyed and frustrated with the situation. Politely reject their attention, if you have co-workers who are constantly pestering you or asking to go to lunch every day, you should politely reject their invitations. Whenever an annoying co-worker begins distracting you from your work, politely open up to him or her to respect your space and to only speak to you if the issue is work-related only.

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                       Be Kindhearted 1kindness

Never let anything stop you from being kind to everyone around you including the annoying coworker. When you’re dealing with a negative person or gossip in your workplace, it’s better to remain calm and continue being kind towards them. Even if your co-worker is going out of your way to bring you down, don’t let that bother you. Stay out of arguments or debates that would cause a negative impact on your work. All you have to do is to continue smiling and going about your work as usual. Your generosity will kill the annoying one.

           Be AssertiveAssertiveness 

Be confident and stay self–assured without being aggressive, if the problem continues to persist with your annoying co-worker, you need to take charge. After you’ve done everything possible to find a solution, you need to stand up for yourself and your needs. Tell your co-worker he or she is a distraction and they’ve been negatively impacting your productivity. Let everyone be aware that you want to be polite, but you also need to be assertive. If the annoying co-worker doesn’t get the picture, then your next step is to approach your employer for an intervention.

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Don’t allow anyone to steal your joy at your workplace or take up valuable space in your day. Use humor to lessen the tension atimes, don’t feel guilty, anticipate, stay focused on your work, and once you’ve taken action, you can take steps to make the environment more tolerable like using headsets sometimes to keep you off arguments, you might even ask to be moved elsewhere in the office.






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