Tony Pulis Takes It Out On The Transfer Window

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West Brom boss, Tony Pulis has registered his disapproval of the transfer window, as he calls it disruptive, after recording a loss against Chelsea.

West Brom played without Berahino who is being sought after by Tottenham, who have already had a £18 million bid rejected.

Tony Pulis believes the window should close before the season starts. And West Brom have repeatedly rejected bids for Berahino.

Asked about the striker after the game, Pulis said: “Why are we talking about Saido? We’re talking about Saido because of the transfer window. The transfer window is absolutely ridiculous, for the transfer window to be going through the start of the season I find absolutely ridiculous.

“Everybody here should be talking about the game and this wouldn’t be an issue. Saido’s a great lad, it happens where it can be disruptive and it has been disruptive. I had a good chat with him yesterday [Saturday] he’s fine, there’s no problems but it’s the transfer window that causes the problems.

“Why we can’t have a system where it just finishes and then the season starts and we just talk about football, I don’t know. He’s a young lad and he needs to be protected. There’s loads of stuff going on in his mind and loads of people saying things and doing things, not just one club but about 15 clubs.

“The kid shouldn’t have this problem, nobody should have this problem. Season’s started, get on with your football, get on with concentrating on your football.”



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