Tinubu Uneasy As Buhari Keeps Loving Fashola – Gani Adams

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The National Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Otunba Gani Adams, in an interview with Wale Odunsi, speaks on his battle to wade off forces against his leadership of OPC, the internal crisis in the APC and so on.

Tinubu vs Fashola

Here, according to Daily Post is an excerpt of the interview below:

What do you think of the internal crisis in the APC?
Without doubt, parts of the crisis in the party are the fault of Tinubu. Like face-off in the national assembly, the witch-hunt of (ex-Lagos governor) Fashola, one of the heroes of the party who many perceive performed very well.

But why would Tinubu work against someone seen as his protégé?
He is because he may have received information that Buhari will appoint Fashola into a key position. The fact is that the president likes Fashola and Tinubu is not comfortable with this. I have never seen a man who is not happy about the rise of his junior or someone he trained. Although I am not exonerating Fashola from whatever allegation he is being accused, but I see Tinubu’s hands in all of these.

Debo Adeniran (Director of Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders) who is making the claim is my friend and brother and is entitled to his right. But he is not someone that can be used. He is unpredictable, once he sees that any allegation has political undertone, he will make U-turn.

We shouldn’t continue to destroy ourselves because of earthly things. Most of us do not like to align with Obasanjo because if he builds you, he will destroy you. But Tinubu’s own way is now even worse than that of Obasanjo.

Tinubu doesn’t believe in the Yoruba race, he only used the people to negotiate. In the thick of our crisis, Tinubu dealt with (Fredrick) Faseun camp separately, Adams camp separately. Until former Ogun Governor Gbenga Daniel resolved the crisis in 2005. After that, Dr Faseun, I, Bayo Banjo, and Aregbe (Osun Governor) went to Tinubu’s house at Bourdilon to put finishing touches to the deal to stop the unnecessary bloodletting of Yoruba youths. He told us that he has nothing to do or say because Daniel used the truce he brokered to achieve publicity for himself. We were all shocked.



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