This Photo Of JayZ And Blue Ivy Is Melting Our Hearts

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JayZ and Bue Ivy

Photos of JayZ holding his little girl Blue Ivy has circulated and it’s got our hearts melting big time.

Jay Z and his three year old girl who were trying to get into their car after travelling via Helicopter looked like a picture perfect family together.

It is no news that the mogul/rapper is proud of his little girl. Photos of them together over a period of time has proved this.

JayZ and Bue Ivy
Jay Z adoringly gazes at his Blue here at Tina Knowles’ wedding.

Just a few days ago we posted photos of Jay and his family aboard a yacht and just like those photos were beautiful, these new ones are set to make you “Aww”

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See the photos and see if you won’t fall in love…

Jay Z and Blue Ivy 3 Jay Z and Blue Ivy 2 Jay Z and Blue Ivy Awww

Now we see why Beyonce stays drunk in love.

Photos: Daily Mail




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