Sunday Tonic: Should There Be Limits When It Comes To Marriage Sex?

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There are often controversies when it comes to sex especially in marriage in this part of the world. People often believe there is an extent to which you can be intimate with your husband. As a wife, you’re not supposed to try some things with your husband; else you will be tagged with terrible names, especially if it is a godly (“spiricoco”) marriage. The use of sex toys and pornographic movies (couple watching it together and not one person sneaking around to just jack off) to enhance your sex life is highly prohibited. You dare not even bring up anal sex or oral sex; some men will go as far as chasing you back to your parents’ house which is by far one of the most of the ridiculous things I have ever heard.

I mean, all the days of your young life, you’ve been warned off boys and told not to have sex; “keep yourself for your husband” and when you’re finally married, you have to be restricted to a routinal cliché way of having sex; fluff the pillows, turn the lights off, few kisses here and there and the man is in. It always has to be missionary or no sex. You dare not try to make your husband go through the back or anywhere else; sex is always about making babies and just “an act”, nothing more. I’ve heard of a man who returned his wife’s bride price because she tried to give him a blowjob!

If you can’t get all naughty with your wife or husband, who else do you want to be naughty with? Is the essence of marriage not to ‘cleave together as one and fulfill each other’s fantasies; at least most of them? Should you put limits to what you both do in the bedroom?

As for me, I think I will love to get all hanky panky with my husband without restriction when the time comes. That’s my own cup of tea sha.

Tell me what you think. Should you be limited to certain things in the bedroom with your husband or there should be no limits at all to sex in your marriage?

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. No additional persons added into your married sex life….NO 3SOMES, SWINGING, ORGIES, ETC.
    The act of sex should be for the couple alone. Adding extra people 9/10 ends badly. IMO.

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