Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #21 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

The fucking rich bitch or something like that.

If that wasn’t me right now then I wondered what was.

I stared at my current bank statement as a wide grin spread across my recently pampered face.

I had just returned from the Spa and my face was still feeling soft from the facials I received an hour ago.

Chimezie had sent me over for some good pampering and now I was in his bedroom, my eyes on the biggest surprise that day – a million naira was in my account – what could be more beautiful about the day?

Since I embraced my Sugar Baby status once more the day before, everything had fallen right back into place – money was flowing in and I was being pampered like I deserved.

I chuckled to myself as my latest Sugar Daddy strolled into the massive bedroom, a smile on his face.

Chimezie was not a fine man – with a permanent scowl on his forehead and a skin so dark it made Wande Coal’s seem yellow, the man was nothing close to fine – but he was also not ugly.

He was chubby with short arms and a body that made you always want to cuddle him like a teddy bear.

At least that would make sex with him bearable.

It would make me feel okay with fucking him when the time came.

Sex with Chimezie – with the way things were going and money was entering my account I knew it was going to happen soon – which was fine by me.

It was pussy for money anyway.

“Lolo, I got something for you.” He said with that heavy Igbo accent I was coming to get used to.

It was not like the accent was strange or anything, I had Uncles who lived in Onitsha and who spoke like that. In fact, not just my Uncles, my Aunts sometimes sounded like that too.

There was this Aunt of mine who did not only possess a thick Igbo accent, the woman also had a voice stronger than a man’s.

And there was this one time she’d wronged my father and he wanted to report her to her husband via a phone call.

Aunty Amaka had picked the call and said, “Hello” and my father had gone ahead to report her to who he thought was her husband.

When he found out, he felt silly and we all found it funny to say the least.

After then, my father asked who was speaking before he spoke.



Chimezie had produced a little black box with a velvet feel, my heart skipped a beat – what was the man trying to do?

He better not be proposing.

He opened the box and produced the unexpected – a gold necklace with my name inscribed on it.

“Whoa” I found myself saying as he wore the glistening necklace on my neck. My hand instinctively touched it and I gasped, “This is beautiful” I said and hurried to the closest mirror.

There, I could see clearly what my Sugar Daddy had bought for me. I caressed it and smiled, “I love it, Chimezie” I muttered and he hugged me from behind.

“Thank God. Because it cost me plenty money, Omalicha”

Which was the main reason I loved it.

I turned and faced him and gently, placed kisses all over his face.

He deserved to get the P, he had worked hard for it and now was a good time to give it to him.

I stood on my toes so I could be closer to him in height and parted his lips with my tongue. He was shocked and that made me smile – I liked that he hadn’t envisaged it.

I threw my hands around his neck and drew in his lips, then I searched for his tongue and locked it with mine.

I was wearing a white crop top and pencil skirt so removing my clothes wouldn’t be hard.

But when I placed his hands on my breasts and he gently shoved me off, I frowned.

“Is anything the problem, Chimezie?” I was genuinely puzzled. At no point in my life have I been pushed off any man. As in my game was that strong.


I felt his cock with my hands and I realized there was nothing wrong for real because the guy was hard as a rock.

“So why are you pushing my hand away?”

He seemed uncomfortable for a while then like a little child, he said “I want to wait till we are married.”

You’ve got to be kidding me. What were we, teenagers?

“Chi, married kwa? Shouldn’t that be coming later?”

He shook his head and stepped farther away from me. “No. I want to propose soon.”

“Hian, me I don’t understand this style o.” I said and walked towards the bed.

“Lolo, this thing that we are having it has to be for real o. See my Queen I want you to be the envy of all the women in that town and it is not a small something.”

“Chi, I don’t think getting married is a good idea.”

I could see the hurt in his face when I said that.


Fuck, his heart was literally breaking. I felt bad.

“See, I don’t know. I am young and I might not be able to give you what you want.”

“Omalicha, I already have two children. It is not children I want from you, maybe later but not right now baby. I just like you too much I don’t want to let you go.”

I sighed, yesterday I had realized that sometimes life was not about love and some people simply didn’t get what they wanted.

I was not about that marriage life but the only person I wanted to marry if I ever wanted to do it was never going to settle down with me.

So maybe I could marry for money?

I mean, what was I standing to lose?

A thousand Sugar Babies always ended up with that one Sugar Daddy claiming it was love anyway.

“Please think about it. Please.”

I shrugged, “I will think about it, Chi.”

And his face widened in the brightest smile I had ever seen on anyone.


I was taking a break from a Keeping Up With The Kardashians marathon when I met her.

She was standing in the extremely massive kitchen, barking orders at the timid maid when I walked in.

You know how your spirit does not just agree with someone else at first sight? It was how I felt with her.

She turned and faced me once I opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

“And you are?”

The coldness in her voice could give the Fridge a run for its money – she was frostier than any ice could ever become – but I was not about to exchange words with this human being.

I turned and left the kitchen, water in hand.

“Madam” I heard her calling but I did not stop until I had walked out and sighted Chimezie ending a call on his phone.

He pulled me close to himself gently; he hadn’t been around for hours and since our last conversation.

“Aren’t you the one I am talking to?”

She was out of the kitchen now, tapping me and trying to turn me around.

“Nkiru, what is the problem?”

“I was talking to her and she just walked out on me like that. All these small children coming to their friend’s father’s house and forgetting their home training at home.” She seemed really angry and I was beginning to wonder if she’d been pissed off by someone or if I was the one responsible for all that anger.

“I am sure she did not mean to get you angry.” Chimezie was calmly talking to her but I was studying her, wondering who she was and why she had the nerve to pull me like that in front of Chimezie.

Thing was as angry as I was, I was being careful; Nkiru’s mother and sisters had been around the day before and even though I had not seen this angry woman, she could be a part of the family.

“Indeed. Mannerless child.” Nkiru said and hissed, heading back into the kitchen to meet the poor maid.

She was dressed in a flowing Ankara dress with gold slippers and she wore no jewelry whatsoever, her hair was neatly done in cornrows and she could have passed for one of those ministers in churches that did not wear jewelry. Yet, she seemed so angry, so bitter and did not seem to appreciate me touching Chimezie.

Chimezie chuckled when she was gone, “Sorry, Lolo. She can be very protective like that.”

I shrugged, that was her business.

She just had to carry that craze far away from me sha.


Dinner was jollof rice, fried turkey, peppered gizzard and dodo.

I had showered before coming down to dinner and I was too hungry from doing nothing.

I took a seat near Chimezie at the end of the table and pretended not to see Nkiru who eyed me from the other side of the table.

Adanna and Nonso, Chimezie’s kids were around and so was his mother and younger sister.

He cleared his throat when dinner was halfway and asked for everyone’s utmost attention.

“I am glad you all came here tonight. You have no idea how happy I am.”

He had everyone’s attention now, everyone save Nkiru’s. She was busy staring at me with disdain in her eyes.

A few hours before, just after her unnecessary behavior, I had asked Chimezie who she was and he had told me she was his childhood friend – they had been engaged to marry once because their family wanted them together but before Chimezie returned from the states where he’d gone for his Masters degree, Nkiru had been pregnant by another man – he’d been hurt but he’d moved on to marry his wife.

But now, Nkiru’s husband was dead and so was his wife.

But she was still protective of him.

If you ask me, I’d say she wanted to marry him.

“I have been careful about the women I allow into my life since my late wife died but they say a man is only better when he has a woman. Besides, what is a King without a Queen.”

He fished for something in his pocket and produced a black velvet box, similar to the one that bore my gold necklace earlier.

“And that is why I want to propose to the only woman who has made my heart race faster than a motorbike since my wife died.” He got down on one knee and opened the box, “Please marry me, Lolo.”

I gasped, the ring staring back at me had to be the most beautiful I had ever seen and of course it was expensive. I could see that!

I glanced at Nkiru before I looked back at Chimezie, she was going to burst but damn me if I let her feel okay about this.

I drew my hand forward and smiled as Chimezie slipped the ring into my fourth finger. “I am glad you chose me!” I screamed with one last meaningful look at Nkiru.

Then I drew him up and kissed him passionately.

His family except Nkiru was clapping.

Adanna brought out her phone and snapped.

“I am so putting this on Instagram.” She said as she snapped away with her iPhone.

I pulled Chimezie by the hand, “Come” I said and dragged him with me out of the sitting room.

He deserved the pussy for this.

Pulling him with me I entered his bedroom which was on top of the stairs.

I shoved him gently on the bed and undid his trousers, he gently held my hands “Lolo, let us get married first.”

“Trust me with this ring we are as good as married.”

I pulled out his hard cock from inside his boxers, parted my thong and sat on him so he could ease into me.

He gasped as he felt the warm insides of my pussy, “ha Lolo” he moaned as I slowly and gently rode him.

I raised his head and put my boobs into his mouth, he drew hard on my nipples and bit it gently.

I moaned.

“Come on top.” I said to him after a few seconds of riding.

He was reluctant but I was not letting him.

He pulled off his clothes, raised my leg and thrust into me.

I moaned loudly as he fucked me hard.

Then after a few thrusts, he stilled.

Wait, had he come? Just like that?

But before I knew it, he swayed and collapsed sideways.

I sat up and looked at him; he was lying unconscious by my side.

I screamed in shock.

The End…

Sugar Daddy Chronicles




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    1. Ur comment may have just killed me and used up one of my nine lives Funke…

      Miss Coco… I’ll say it again… Well done… I truly can’t say it well enough.

      I may just owe u something nice straight out of Chimezie’s books.

      1. Lmao. I know right? Like she literally had me rolling with that comment.
        Meanwhile, I hope what you owe me is the money and the labels, Oga? If not, Gerrarrahere!

  1. His juju was no sex before marriage, but Kaycees wet pussy has putChi in serious trouble. Now she is going to take her pussy to jail!!!

  2. I’m stuck…I’m in love wit ur works,please don’t give me a heart attack oh,pls finish the chronicle,let’s see what happens to Kaycee,the sugar baby…thanks Tomilola for good works,i respect ur very creative mind and sense of description.totally love struck.

  3. Thumbs up Tomilola . I have been stuck with my phone. Reading each episode back to back. Even had issues with my fiancé cause of it. So eager for the next episode. Hope it wasn’t the end oh. Cause I would just cry.

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