Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #19 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

The thing with finding out about a potentially complicated situation was that you changed your mind about a lot of things and made different decisions from the ones you’d been trying to make in the recent past.

I had not been with a Sugar Daddy in two weeks; it was the longest I had gone without one since I started having one.

I had also found out that AKT and Steve had a situation going on between them – a situation I was never going to be entangled in.

And even as I made that admission to myself, my heart skipped several beats.

I liked him, I really liked him but I was not willing to continue in that web they had going on.

This was no TV series, this was real life and I couldn’t bear more drama.

I waded through the small crowd that had gathered on the red carpet and tried to find my way into the hall where the event I had come for was holding.

Lade’s mother who I was certain was trying to get a favor from Chimezie had invited me to the launch of her sister’s new line of lingerie.

Chimezie who was busy with some meeting with elders from his town, had mentioned he would be late and had filled my bank account with so much money I felt dizzy staring at the numbers.

And I had purchased a knee-length champagne colored bodycon that stuck to my body and accentuated every single curve and had a plunging neckline that paraded my boobs.

Then, I had called my hair stylist and told him to fix a short hair for me. And because the guy was a demon when it came to hair, he’d cut my natural hair, tinted it and turned me into a beauty queen in a few hours.

Even I hadn’t recognized myself when I saw my reflection after he was done.

A little makeup and pearl earrings later I was ready for the event. Oh, and let us not forget that my freshly pedicured feet were standing in the most beautiful Giuseppe Zanotti witch sandals anyone had ever seen.

They were slightly high but I did not mind, they complimented me and who I was – I had to be a witch to be this effortlessly beautiful and sexy without too much effort.

An overzealous reporter stood in my way just as I thought I had slipped by unnoticed, “You look beautiful tonight, Kaycee.” She shouted, her microphone shoved in my face and her eyes roaming my body.

I liked when I saw that hint of envy in a bitch’s face – it meant I was doing the right thing and it meant she wanted to be like me – I managed a smile and made to get away but damn me if I thought it would be that easy.

“Who are you wearing?”

Chimezie’s money.

I chuckled at what popped up in my head to say and then went ahead to say the right thing, “A dress from House Of CB in London and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels.”

And again, her eyes flashed in envy.

“What do you expect to see from this event today?”

Well, I hadn’t thought about that but as long as there was alcohol and I could browse through my phone as long as I wanted I was fine.

“Sexy lingerie and the amazing work Nadia has put into this project.” I said and then added, “I’m excited” which was a lie. I was not in the least bit excited about anything that night.

I was just there because I was bored, because I had money to spend on new things, because my new short do was so perfect I deserved many selfies and because I did not want to be home alone with Steve.

Staying in the same place was increasingly becoming more difficult. He and AKT shared more than DNA, they shared pussy and they probably shared a child.

That was not what I was willing to sign up for, my life was not going to be something cameras would deserve, I mean this was not Keeping Up With The Kardashians – my reality wasn’t TV.

The Reporter was going to ask me more questions with the look on her face and I knew I was done standing in front of her and responding to questions, so I smiled sweetly, said “You look beautiful, sweety” and walked past her into the hall.

It had been well decorated for the event, the lights were low and there was a catwalk right there in front. I could see the VVIP area which was where I was going to sit and I could see how privately each guest’s seat had been.

That made me excited, I had been to many events and shows where VVIP was not any different from regular and some where the regular guests even got a better view of the show than the VVIP guests.

But that was not the case here, this was well arranged, well decorated and had a great view.

I found my way to a perfect table and sat, ignoring the noise around me.

Steve was not home when I left earlier and we had barely said a word to each other since AKT left the day before.

I think he knew his cousin fucked me right there on his couch but he was not saying anything about it.

I did not need him to, neither did he have any reason to. My life was my life and my pussy my pussy.

“See who we have here, it’s the bitch of the century.” I glanced up and found Natasha sneering at me. She looked like a Christmas tree in her sequined green dress and red accessories and the only word that popped in my head after giving her a quick glance was, ugly.

She also seemed bloated, like someone had immersed her in a tank filled with water and did not let her out until she was looking like a balloon.

“We’re all bitches, Nat.” I said to her and returned to my phone. I had not seen her since that night she embarrassed me for fucking Cherokee. But if she thought she could have a sequel to the show she pulled at that event, she was in for a rude shock. I was going to show her that Ibadan babes were not fine in the head and I was not an ajepako kid for nothing.

“So whose father are you sleeping with these days?” She was definitely here for a fight and so was I. Game on.

“Someone’s father that is richer than yours.”

And the look on her face showed I had hit her unexpectedly.


“I have owned that, Nat. Question is have you owned your ugliness, your bitterness and your nastiness?”

She scoffed, “I am none of those things.”

“Well maybe you’re not ugly all the time but you’re ugly tonight sha. Please go away and fire your stylist while at it. This way you can’t make anyone happy and at least I do that with my own pussy.”

I could not have imagined the horror on her face even if I had dreamt it. She did not see it coming; the words I said to her had thrown her off balance.

The Host of the show dressed in a tux I was sure would cost a lot of money was talking now, I waved at Natasha and focused my attention on him.

No time for goody two shoes kinda bitches, there was only time for Giuseppe Zanotti kinda bitches and little Natasha had to know that.

Her father had been my sponsor, spending his hard earned cash just to fuck the goodness that was my pussy.

So the little ho had to know that in this situation I was only giving back, her father was who she had to be having the conversation with not me.

She was gone before I even realized it and I had to breathe after because I realized I was back to the Kelechi that I was before.

I liked to tell myself that I was changing but Natasha’s appearance just seemed to have changed all that.

The first set of models were strutting their stuff now and I had to admit that the lingerie pieces looked beautiful. Maybe going out of the country to buy was not such a grand idea anymore, maybe I could just buy from a Nigerian designer like this one.


I looked beside me and found Steve standing there, he was looking handsome as usual in a blue blazer, a white shirt and black pants.

And as he gazed at me with no expression on his face, I found myself wanting to fuck him really bad.

It was not something I had control over anymore and thanks to Natasha for riling me up earlier, it was not something I would say no to if it happened.

“Hey.” I replied, he was kuku already naked in my head and all that fine clothes were gone already.

“You look beautiful” He said and that did something to me. Something that I could not explain for the love of me.

“Please sit, Steve.” I said and he took a seat near me.

We sat in silence for a long time and when a popular Artiste began to perform was only when I looked at him.

He was already staring at me and his eyes fell to my boobs after a few seconds.

“I did not expect to see you here.” I said

“Neither did I.” He replied

Then as if planned, we both returned our gazes to the stage.

And in what was the most unexpected moment of my life, I found his hand on my thighs, moving down my dress.

Reflexively, I opened my legs for an easier access and stifled as moan as his fingers moved my pant out of the way and slid into my pussy.

We still did not shift our gazes from the performance in front of us and I was grateful this VVIP section gave enough privacy for this.

I placed my hand on his cock and I saw how hard he was.

I wanted to fuck him and I wanted to do it now.

“Oh” I murmured as his fingers now moved faster in and out of me. I bit my lip as his thumb tickled my clit and two of his fingers fucked me.

He leaned closer and whispered into my ears, “Where is your date for the night?”

“He won’t be here soon.”

“Great. Because I intend to fuck you silly before he comes.”

That made me more ready for him.

He removed his fingers from inside of me and licked me off him, and then he kissed me quickly making me taste me from his lips.

As he grabbed my hands and led me out of the VVIP area, I found myself liking the taste of me on his lips. It was beautiful, a turn on and it was the final decision to fuck him.

We found the ladies, locked ourselves in and he gently pushed me towards the tiled sparkling white sink area immediately we were alone.

I could see us from the large mirror in front and as he lifted my dress and removed my pant, I realized I was going to be able to watch as he fucked my brains out.

That made my heart race and made me look forward to it.

He’d zipped down and his hard cock was out, causing me to swallow hard. I had not taken time to check him out the first time I saw it, I had put him in my mouth in seconds and of course that whole situation had not led to anything because his cousin came home.

But now, as I watched him guide his way to my wet inside I could see how perfect his cock was – it was big and it was definitely not short and it was beautiful.

“Spread your legs” he commanded and I did as he said.

I arched my back, spread my legs and my hands grabbed the sink in front of me.

“Now look at the mirror and watch me fuck you.”

Gosh I loved the fact that he dared to say those words to me. Unlike anyone I had ever fucked, he was certain he would fuck me silly, he was certain I would like it and more than anything he wanted me to watch him do that to me.

I fixed my gaze on the mirror, who would have known a man like this could be like this.

He grabbed my hips tightly and then without warning thrust his cock into my pussy.

I had not recovered before the next thrusts came and I moaned in ecstasy as I shut my eyes.

“Open your eyes and watch” He ordered and I obeyed him, he unzipped my dress from the back and unhooked my bra as he fucked me. “Remove your bra I want to see your boobs.”

And just like before, I completely got rid of the bra.

“Touch yourself.”

I ran my hands through my boobs and I could see he was watching me, a smile on his face.

“Not like that. Run your fingers slowly around your nipples…” Before he finished, I did what he wanted because I knew what he wanted and because I wanted so bad to please him to make him realize that all the fantasy he might have had about fucking me before then could be made a reality.

I held my boobs together, ran my fingers slowly across them while I watched him watch me.

His cock hardened as I lowered my face and licked each nipple with my tongue.

“Ugh you’re the fucking best.” He said as he moved faster in and out of me.

I moaned his name as he moved faster, certain I was going to lose my mind.


Swiftly, I turned and he lifted me and placed me on the edge of the table. He completely removed my dress, leaving on my heels alone.

“When I spotted you across the hall, I wanted to fuck you with just these heels on.”

I smiled, “Please do.”

He spread my legs and eased his cock into me. I held him for support as he fucked me, moaning his name every time I could breathe.

“God, I love it when you call my name.” He said breathlessly as he moved in and out of me. I held his waist tightly, calling his name again.

His lips fell on my boobs and his tongue teased my nipples.

I was going to come any minute.

“I’m going to come, Steve.” I said.

“Come. For me.”

And as if that was all I had been waiting for, I came in seconds.

I kissed his neck and said, “Come, babe. For me.”

And when he did in the next seconds, we held each other tight, each of us trying to steady our breathing.

“Now that this has started, it is not ending soon.” He whispered into my ear.

“It better not be.” I replied with a chuckle.

God, I loved fucking him!

Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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