Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #18 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Hey guys, you can keep up with my other writing on my personal blogs; and for everyone who might be interested in old prose I have done, there is one on Scribespad which was never published here that you might like.


I am a ho – an unrepentant, unfaithful and shameless Sugar Daddy loving ho.

But again, Kelechi Mbah gave no fuck about what anyone thought about her.

And that was why for the second day in a row I was watching a movie with Steve, our hands entwined while we sat on the couch in silence.

“Kaycee” He said when the end credits began to roll at the end. “I’m sorry about last night. It was wrong and I shouldn’t even have done that. You’re my cousin’s friend and he told me to take care of you not take advantage of you.”

Was he kidding? Nobody was taking advantage of anyone. “You weren’t taking advantage of me, Steve.”

“I was. And it would never repeat itself. I promise.”

I wanted it to repeat itself actually but when he slowly removed his hands from mine I knew he was serious and the kiss I loved so much wouldn’t happen again.

I shrugged, remained silent and only stood up when the credit was done rolling.

“Kaycee.” He called as I found my way towards the Kitchen. I was dragged to a halt before he spoke next, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Steve I get it.” I replied. It was not fine really but I understood why kissing each other was a bad move. I was like AKT’s wife or something, even if he had a sugar mommy twice his age and called her his wife – I was still not allowed to be with anyone.

“See, I liked it. I want to do it again but I can’t. AKT is my brother.” I could see the inner struggle with him and his want for me, it was as clear as the sky on a sunny day.

He wanted me, he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

And that was enough reason for me to draw closer and lean forward for another kiss.

I did not warn him or anything, I just kissed him fiercely.

He kissed me back – his body and soul lost in the joining together of our lips like that action was more than it was, like it was more than physical, like it was meant to mean something.

I drew away and smiled, “If you liked it then I don’t see why you should stop.” I said and made it into the kitchen.

I was not expecting him to follow me. Actually, because I knew the kiss left him dazed I had expected him to take a few minutes to get over it before reacting.

But I had judged him wrongly because he grabbed my hands, pushed me against the wall and dug his tongue into my mouth, kissing me with so much passion I wondered if he was trying to pass a message across.

I was lost in it as much as he was, the force pulling us together drawing us closer till it became impossible to think.

My hands were held up against the wall with a hand and his other hand deftly unbuttoned my little black dress, finding my hardened nipples under my lacy bra.

I moaned as his fingers played with my nipples and his tongue teased them slowly.

Without warning, I drew him closer and wrapped my legs around his waist, bringing us together.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out.” He murmured breathlessly as he pulled my dress up and impatiently removed it. “Gosh you’re beautiful” he said when he saw my whole body naked for the first time.

I was grateful my period was over that instant and I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anybody in my whole life.

“Then fuck my brains out.” I said to him and he gave me a wicked grin that told me he intended to do just as I had requested.

That made my heart race and my body wanted him more than ever.

I gasped as his fingers found their way past my lacy thong into my wet vagina, I had not been expecting that entry and I had not been expecting it to be that sweet.

“Fuck, Steve” I moaned with my eyes shut. I did not even know my body could take that much pleasure, neither did I know that fingers could make me feel that way.

I mean, fucking is something I did for a living and ask my last Sugar Daddy I was good at it but sometimes, even the best fucker got surprised.

“I like it when you call my name like that.” He whispered and I moaned his name again. He placed my hand on his hard cock and asked, “Can you see what you’re doing to me?”

I bit my lower lip, I liked that. I liked what he did to me and what I did to him.

“Open your eyes” He said and then guided my head down to his cock when I did. I put him in my mouth, my hands on him. He cussed softly as I began to work him in and out of my mouth.

The knock on the door interrupted us or rather, slowed us down. There had to be someone important on the other side for us to stop.

We paused and listened, hoping for the person to go away but when the knock became incessant and then a voice followed, we froze.

It was AKT by the door.


I had missed AKT terribly when he first left for Dubai and left me with his cousin but as the days went by, I had grown to actually like Steve and had stopped missing AKT.

And so I stopped counting down the days to AKT’s return, forgot Skype sessions and left messages unanswered for hours.

It was not something I did on purpose, it was something that had happened because I was into someone else.

I forced a smile as he kissed my forehead and planted kisses all over my face – this was supposed to be my true love, my happily ever after, the Prince Charming to my fucking Cinderella – so why the fuck wasn’t his presence doing anything to me?

Why was my heart beating only when I looked at Steve who was at the other end of the room watching us intently?

I was falling for Steve or what was this feeling that got me wanting to be by his side every minute called?

“Did you miss me?” AKT asked and I swallowed hard before lying to his face.


Well, truth was I missed him initially but with Steve these days, I barely thought of him.

“I decided to surprise you when LJP told me we were arriving early today last night.”

I smiled, “Nice surprise.”

More like cock blocking surprise but hey, a surprise is a surprise.

“I spoke to Adele on the phone yesterday.” He began to say and from the corner of my eyes, I saw Steve leave the sitting room. “I asked her for a divorce.”

I was not sure I would have been that shocked if I had been suddenly slapped in the face that instant, “Wait, what?”

He nodded and smiled the happiness he clearly felt spreading across his face immediately. Oh my poor AKT, I was falling for his cousin and there he was trying to get off his marriage to that mammy water Sugar Mummy who was always angry, just to be with me.

“We can now be together, baby” He said to me and joined our bodies together in a warm embrace. “I have always loved you, Kelechi. This is the time to actually be together.”

I drew away from him slightly, “Have you thought about the house, money and everything else she has invested in you?”

“It’s basically just the house, babe. I was not crossing my legs while we were together. Yes, I needed her to be financially stable at a point but after a while, I found my feet. Besides, I have been working on my freedom from the very day we got together.”

I nodded but was it going to be that easy? Adele looked like she was obsessed with him, the day LJP slapped me for kissing him in his car was vivid in my memory now.

And what about his baby?

Like he could hear me he said, “And since she lost the baby which could have been the only thing tying us together, I have been free enough to walk.”

I nodded.


“Okay? That’s it?” He asked, curious at my obvious lack of enthusiasm.

“Yeah…” but his kisses interrupted me before I could finish. Lifting me off the ground, he carried me to the sofa and planted kisses from my forehead down to my boobs. Then, like his cousin had, he began to unbutton my dress, his hands finding my boobs immediately.

“I missed you” there was no missing the deep want in that voice.

“Your cousin is around o.” I said when he slid my thong aside and zipped down his trousers.

“He knows better than to come out.” He muttered and thrust into me, silencing me for the coming minutes.


When AKT and I were done fucking, we laid side by side on the couch. He was holding me tight, my head on his chest.

“I need to ask you for a favor, babe.” He said, “I am furnishing the apartment I got at Oniru so I would like to set a few things up before you move in. Can you please stay here for a few more days?”

My heart beat faster when he said that, staying at Steve’s wasn’t what it was at the beginning. Now it was dangerous, a temptation, big trouble.

“Who is Lade?” I found myself asking instead and he raised my head almost immediately he heard the question.

Whoever that chic was, her name upset AKT because his face had deepened in a frown and I could swear that he was mad at hearing me say her name.

“Why are you asking me that? Is Steve seeing her again?”

I shook my head immediately. I did not know why Steve did not want AKT to know about their meeting and fucking, and I certainly did not want AKT to find out whatever it was while we were in Steve’s apartment.

“So how did you know her?” He asked.

I searched for a suitable answer but I couldn’t find any. I did not know if it was because I had been shocked that he was that angry or because I did not want to lie so I could hear the whole truth.

“Okay, maybe she came here.”

He sat up now. “She did what?”

“AKT you seem riled up, who is the chic?”

“My fucking slimy ex.” He said and zipped up his pants.

“Your ex?” I was the one frowning now. “I don’t understand.”

“Well, my ex that was fucking me and my cousin at the same damn time.”

“Wait, what?”

“And who has a kid who my cousin thinks is his but might as well be mine.”


Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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  1. WTF!!!! Am speechless wait! They were fucking same gal and about to start again? Steve is an idiot .Tomi is d best writer in d world right now don’t keep us waiting for d next episode plsssssss

  2. OMG i actually screamed when AKT knocked on the door. Tomi u are amazing i felt like i was watching a movie. Luv u gurl

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