Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #17 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

How’s everyone doing tonight? Thanks for the constant support, fam. I really appreciate it and the comments too. And for those asking me to write a book, I’m on it. I’m working on an ebook and  it’ll be totally free. Can’t wait for you guys to see it.


The thing with soirees and other formal parties like them was that it threatened to get boring before the whole thing even began – it was the same food, mechanical actions and sometimes boring conversations.

I was beginning to get tired and my feet were aching already.

LJP had allowed me to come over and pick some of my things earlier. He was not back from Dubai yet but he had instructed the gate to be open and had once again pleaded with me to rethink my decision to walk away.

Didn’t he get it? I was done. I was not going to be slapped around by a man twice my age just because he had money.

I had signed up for a lot of bullshit when I chose to make money through spreading my legs but there was no way I was taking someone’s obsession with physical abuse.

I grabbed a champagne flute from one of the impeccably dressed Ushers that had been contracted for this event and scanned the crowded area for Lade.

I had not decided how to ask her the questions yet but I knew very well that I wanted to know what she had going on with Steve and AKT.

“Behbeh” I turned and found Chimezie joining me where I was standing, his hand holding mine in a possessive manner.

“Chimezie” I muttered indifferently and continued to look through the crowd for the object of my interest and the reason I had decided to endure a night with this man.

“I want to go home very soon” He seemed bored, fair enough, with this type of crowd and event, boredom was almost certain.

“No problem.” Then it occurred to me, maybe Chimezie knew about Lade a little bit after all, I had gotten this invite because of the close relationship he had with Lade’s mother. “These people seem to have a lot of money.” I was going to bait him with questions and see how far he was willing to go with answers.

He shrugged, “They try small.”

I chuckled, that was his own way of saying whatever wealth they had did not measure up to his. I swigged the champagne in the glass I was holding.

“But Lade could have fine education and school in Yankee now” I continued and all he did again was shrug. “All these rich people sef”

“There is no need envying them, I have more money than half of the people in this place combined.”

Well, well that was good to know. I made a mental note to tell him I needed money for a little shopping.

I was getting tired of my victoria secrets anyway, he could order some more and refill my underwear closet.

But meanwhile, he needed to supply me with more information than making everything about himself.

“I know you have money na, I am just talking about them. Lade is friends with my friend.”

He scoffed, “I am sure it is a boy because that is how she used to just follow any boy around. It was such an embarrassment for us at a time.”

This was getting the way I wanted it to.

“Ehen?” I said, hoping that would urge him to continue.

It did.

“She even had a baby for a nobody of boy at a time and then got pregnant for another…” there was a look of disgust on his face now. “Her mother keeps trying for her but she is a disgrace.”



Old highlife music was playing in the sitting room when I returned home hours later, I was exhausted, my feet were hurting and I was glad to be away from the party.

However, I was not closer to the truth than I was when I decided to go for that event. I knew who Lade was and what people close to her family felt about Steve but what did AKT have to with all that?

I met Steve sketching a drawing in a corner in the sitting room, half naked, his head nodding to the Victor Olaiya music.

I almost hummed along to the popular tune as I stood and watched him quietly.

He was good to look at, good to absorb, good for the soul.

“Hey” He said without turning and I realized he knew I was there in the sitting room with him. I wondered if he knew I was staring at him in so much amazement as I kicked off my shoes and sat on the floor near him.

“Hey” I replied, my eyes fixed on the drawing.

“How was your event?” He asked without looking at me


“Was it worth it?” He hadn’t thought going to the Soiree with Chimezie was a good idea especially since I had not decided if I wanted to be with Chimezie like that. If only he knew the real reason I had been psyched about it.


He looked at me now and winked and God knew my heart skipped a beat when that happened.

Oh no, I was really feeling this person. This was not good on any level.

“Do you want anything to eat? I made spaghetti.”

“Uhn uhn” I shook my head. If there was anything I wanted to eat, it was not food, it was him.

“Have you been speaking to AKT?” He asked me.

We had chatted a few times, communication had been kinda strained these days, something to do with meetings.


“He likes you very much you know.”

Why was I being told this again?

“The way you like me?”

He did not respond to the question and I honestly thought he chose to ignore until he said, “How do I like you?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. But I know you like me.”

“I like you that’s for sure.” Then he glanced at me and smiled, “It’s hard not to like you.”

Our gazes locked for a minute before he returned to his sketch.

“You don’t even like who I am.”

“No I don’t. But like I said, not liking you is hard.”

The Victor Olaiya track was done playing now and Orlando Owoh’s Iyawo Asiko was playing next.

I knew these songs because my father was a huge fan of highlife music – from Victor Uwaifo, to Bobby Benson to Victor Olaiya, the man had a huge music library of songs from the old highlife artistes and played it every morning when he woke up.

Iyawo Asiko had been a personal favorite and he always had a story or two to tell when the song started playing back then.

Once he told my siblings and I about his cousin who’d been stuck on an Iyawo Asiko – she was beautiful, hot and everything he wanted but she was also a girl about town and she gave him constant heartache.

“I like this song.” I said and sang along.

“Me too.” Steve replied and we both started singing together, laughing when we were done with the chorus.

We had something in common after all.

“Do you like old movies?” He asked me after a few minutes and I nodded.

“Yeah, why?”

“Jason’s Lyric is showing in fifteen minutes on Mnet.”

I remembered that movie, it had steamy sex scenes and very intense drama and it was really good.

I had watched it as a teenager even though it was a 94 movie and had been produced several years before and my siblings and I had literally had to sneak it into the house to play it on the DVD so our parents wouldn’t catch us.

I chuckled, “That movie almost got my siblings and I into trouble when I was younger.” I reminisced.

I had his full attention, he was watching and listening.

“So my elder sister had gotten it from her friend and we’d watched it on DVD. But before we could get it out, Nepa took light and we knew better than to let out parents meet it there. Especially since the scene where they took light was one of those sex scenes”

He chuckled, “so what did you guys do?”


“Your parents caught you?”

“Nope. We grabbed a knife, unscrewed the damn DVD to the last bit and retrieved the CD”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Criminals”

“Don’t even try us.”

“Well, mom and dad won’t be here to stop us tonight and neither would Nepa.” He grinned and I found myself grinning back.


Rule number one, don’t ever watch an intense movie with someone you are having feelings for in a dark room alone.

The movie was halfway when Steve and I reflexively held each other’s hands and it remained that way till the movie was over.

He walked me to my room and leaned on the wall, while I stood by the door as if my feet were glued to the tiled floor.

“I kinda see why AKT makes foolish decisions where you’re concerned.” He said after a few seconds of standing by the door.

“Are you about to make a foolish decision?” I asked him and he stared at me for a very long time before he said, “Yeah.”

Then he leaned over, drew my lips in with his mouth and gave the most breathless kiss I had ever gotten in my whole life.

But the problem was not the breathlessness, it was the deep want that was created when he pulled away and shut the door.

Good night, people.

Sugar Daddy Chronicles



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