Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #16 By @Tomilola_coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

sorry this is just coming guys. We’d most likely have another episode tonight to make up for monday. Meanwhile, I hope y’all are not dulling and just visiting this site for prose? You shouldn’t miss out on the fun entertainment stories and the way we cover it too. #Keeprefreshing.


I wanted to ask Steve who Lade was so bad but the more I thought about it, the more I was certain it was a terrible idea.

I was curious, that was certain but I also couldn’t bring myself to ask him who she was to him and why her presence in the house seemed to be the catalyst to his attitude towards me.

And he had mentioned AKT, and his worry about him finding out had been evident in his beautiful eyes when he told me to be quiet about Lade’s presence in the house.

Was Lade an ex-lover? Well, with what I saw the other night and the little I heard, she was the mother of Steve’s child and they had a past – a past where she held a lot over him.

The way he had succumbed to her needs that night had reflected the relationship they both had and who had been in charge.

Lade was Steve’s ex-lover but why didn’t AKT have to know?

It was all confusing and I wanted to ask AKT but every time I thought about asking, a heavier force pushed it into the back of my mind.

And then, days after being so curious, I had realized that as much as I wanted to find out who the chic was, I was worried I would lose Steve’s friendship.

It all did not make sense, Steve was not even my friend in the real sense of the word – he was someone who was being nice to me because he had to be and who wanted me to keep quiet about something he was desperately willing to keep secret.

Talk about keeping your enemies close.

I opened the fridge and produced a carton of Yoghurt. It was a public holiday before another public holiday that gave way to the weekend.

One of those holidays people who worked 9-5 were always excited and creating hashtags about on social media.

I did not work 9-5, I worked my ass so I didn’t care what day of the week public holidays fell on.

Besides, when your pussy was your Office, every day was a holiday.

Steve had gone out earlier to buy “stuff” and run some errands.

It was what he had said when he had come to say good morning some hours earlier.

He had knocked gently, waited for me to tell him it was okay to come in and then he had peeped in, smiled brightly and told me he was going out.

The more he spoke to me, the more I wanted him to keep talking.

He had this dimple on his cheeks that only deepened when he was laughing intensely and a shy look when he asked personal questions.

Like the day before, when he had asked about my period pain, he’d been slightly shy when he asked the words, “Are you okay now? Is the pain… er is the pain gone?”

I had smiled and nodded.

For a man who made love to a woman the way he did Lade, it was surprising he got shy when things got personal.

God knew my curiosity to know the whole of this man and to find out the things behind the shyness were deepening by the second.

The front door opened and then closed. It was followed immediately by silence, then a few minutes later keys dropping on the table and his footsteps heading towards me in the kitchen.

My heart skipped a beat as I listened to him draw nearer to me in the Kitchen.

What the fuck was going on with me? This was a man who did not like me, a man who was the cousin to the only man who had genuinely loved me.


I turned around and faced him, hoping for my own good that my excitement at seeing him return home was not showing.

He smiled broadly, revealing the dimples and causing my throat to run dry.

He was beautiful, ha he really was.

He marched to where I was, kissed me on the forehead and moved on to setting the things in his hands on the kitchen counter.

That was a friendly peck, clearly it was. Because the man had gone ahead to pour fresh meat into a clean bowl and was now fishing for onions.

But if it was friendly to me, why was it sensual to me?

This was not good o. Getting sensual vibes was not good at all.

The last time I got sensual vibes from a man had been Lynxx look alike and I had fucked him brainless in the gym right where Cherokee could find us.

“Please tell me you like Jollof rice because that is what I am about to make us.”

I like you, I like Jollof rice and I like Jollof you – the mixture of jollof and you.

I simply nodded and watched as his firm hands deftly washed the raw meat and onions and sliced the latter into the former. Quickly, his hands reached for bottled spices and he sprinkled them into the meat.

And like someone who had undergone years of training in the kitchen, he turned on the heat and placed the meat on the cooker to boil.

He glanced at me and smiled then, causing me to smile back at him. For a moment our gazes locked and I hurriedly looked away and grabbed the Yoghurt on the kitchen counter near me.

The kitchen was getting hotter with me and this man and Heavens knew it had nothing to do with the heat from the boiling meat.


Steve could cook better than half of the women I knew but certainly not better than me.

I was schooled on cooking from a very early age and believe me when I say my mother left me no choice but to be a skilled cook.

I was halfway through with my jollof rice in the sitting room where we were watching a Nollywood classic.

He eyed my plate when I dropped it on my laps and focused my attention on a scene as Genevieve Nnaji made an entry.

“Is the meat too stiff?” He asked gently and I shook my head. It was tender, it was all right. But I did not think he would help me by grabbing his knife and fork and cutting it into smaller pieces. “Here.” He said and guided the fork bearing a small chunk of meat into my mouth.

I chuckled once I had chewed on the meat, “Is this what you do? Cut meats into little pieces for women when you cook for them?”

He nodded, “I don’t cook for too many women though and I certainly don’t cut meats for them all the time.”

I was not sure what it was but that stirred something in me, something that made me feel somewhat special to him.

“So how is your sugar daddy?” He asked, his question accompanied by a smirk.

I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped my lips. “Which one?” I asked.

“The one that locked you up and the one that turned my house into a shopping mall.”

I laughed, “I haven’t spoken to LJP and I hope never to again. Then, Chimezie asked me to marry him but I am not sure about that.”

“So you might marry him?”

“I don’t know. I never know these things.”

There was a long pause, during which he helped me with the remaining pieces of meat in my plate.

“Steve I know you think I am a cheap prostitute…”

“I don’t think that actually.”

He didn’t?

“I don’t know why you always choose the easy way out when it comes to your life decisions but I doubt I would ever judge you for it.”

He wouldn’t?

“See, we all have our approach to life and it would be unfair for me to expect yours to be exactly like mine.”

I chuckled, “Okay, when did this change come over you? I didn’t think a day would that you would actually think about me this way.”

“I never thought about you badly.”

“You just didn’t approve of my lifestyle.”

He shrugged, “I thought you could do better.”

“Does this have something to do with Lade?”

The question shocked him as much as it shocked me to ask it. I was not even sure I saw it coming myself.

“I don’t understand.” He was avoiding my gaze now, his gaze entirely fixed on the TV.

“Who is she?”

“My ex.” He said but I wanted more. I could deduce that fact already.

“That’s all?”

“My ex and the mother of my child.” He replied, stood and grabbed his plate but I knew that he was aware of how much more I wanted to hear. His eyes met mine and I was very aware of how much merely staring at him could give away.

“So why can’t AKT know she was here?”

“Are you done with that?” He nodded towards my plate and grabbed it before I could even say anything. This was clearly a big deal.

“Steve, I’m just curious.”

“And I already told you everything you need to know. Now leave me alone and watch the freaking movie!” He snapped and was out of the sitting room with the plates before I could say more.

That serious, ehn?


All through my Sugar Daddy “journey” I was not sure I had taken out time to mix with other women who lived the type of lifestyle I lived.

Truth was, I did not care much for them or their personal lives and I did not need, neither did I want new friends.

Thing with having new friends or having friends at all was that they reduced your lifespan faster than anything else could.

They were parasites, they were leeches and they were dangerous.

I did not need someone invading my privacy in the name of friendship and trying to tear me down meanwhile.

Plus my last real friendship had ended because of some stupid reason and I had ended up fucking my best friend’s father and getting my fingers burnt for it.

Chimezie had sent his driver to pick me up at the house earlier for a paid Spa treatment and I had showered, slipped into one of the dresses Steve had bought for me and gotten in the backseat of the fancy automobile he sent immediately.

Steve was still in his room where he had locked himself since the Lade conversation happened and I felt terrible for asking.

It was none of my business to be honest and I had to learn how to respect people’s privacy more often.

When we arrived at the Spa that was hidden somewhere in a quiet street in Ikoyi, I found my way to the reception.

I had a booked appointment already and I couldn’t get a full treatment because of my period but I could get a facial.

The thing I loved about facial was that as painful as it could get, it was soothing and it was one of the healthiest things you could do for your face.

On my way out of the Spa after I was done getting my treatment, I found a pretty woman who would be in her late 40s standing by the reception. She was petite and probably one of those fitness junkies because her body was lean and not in a bad way.

“I hope you loved your treatment?” She asked with a smile and an accent.

“I did.”

“Can’t wait for you to try some of our other beauty regimen” She said and handed me a magazine. “We’re also having a soiree tomorrow evening, you should come and have fun. You can convince Chimezie to come too.”

I was not sure about coming for a soiree, neither was I sure about going public with Chimezie but when Lade walked into the Spa and hugged the owner of the Spa fiercely like they’d known each other forever, I knew I was going to change my mind.

“This is my daughter, Lade Wellington. Forgive me, I haven’t even introduced myself, my name is Sophie Wellington.” She said with a wide smile and drew out her hand for a handshake. “So see you tomorrow?”

I took her extended handshake and grinned like an idiot, “Definitely.”


Sugar Daddy Chronicles




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  1. You write very well, you are imaginative and your word play is on point. Have you ever thought about writing a full length book? Keep up the good work and may your creative juices continue to flow. Have a good night.

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