Sugar Daddy Chronicles [Erotica] #13 By @Tomilola_Coco

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Sugar Daddy chronicles

Hi everyone. I am back with a new episode because a few people asked me to and as at a few hours ago when I got my most recent phone call regarding this series, I figured I had to finish what I started at least and let you all know why I chose to stop in the first place (Yep, I had decided to quit).

It is rather unfair and insensitive and rude that people comment “it is too short” under blog fiction. Ask any Writer you know, nobody and I mean nobody, likes it. It takes a whole lot to write and the last thing you want to hear after putting your energy and creativity into something is “it is too short”. A few people have mentioned that I probably get comments like that because people enjoy it but it is not an excuse abeg. If you enjoy it, then talk about the prose solely not the length.

Last sunday, I was extremely tired but I dragged my butt up and wrote the last episode because I knew you guys would be waiting and ’cause I felt bad for not posting on Friday. But of course, some people insisted it was too short even when I kept saying it wasn’t. And on Wednesday, I had to delete an absolutely rude comment someone dropped here. But asides deleting it, the comment got to me and made me decide not to post anymore. My laptop had been open guys, I was ready to type when I saw that last comment and I was just pissed, I closed MS Word, shut it down and focused on something else.

This is free prose, you’re not paying for it. And I am not being paid for it. The gratification I get here is your feedback and I’m assuming what you love is the story. So how about we just enjoy what we all get from this and understand that I have jobs outside this?

I love you guys but those unfair “it is too short” comments need to go away.

Shout out to Oyefunke Jolaoso, Ibukun Ajeigbe, Timayin, Sylvia, my boss, Oye and everyone who loves this ridiculous story so much they wanted it back.

And of course, Steve.


Thing with getting your revenge was you got to be fucked up too.

Especially if the person you were trying to get even with was capable of ruining your entire life with one phone call.

I sat near AKT on a bench inside the Police station I had landed in after I decided to bathe LJP’s cock in hot pepper soup.

He looked very worried; his hands held mine immediately I took a seat near him and squeezed them tightly.

I managed a smile but with the way his eyes held mine still, I could see he was not buying it.

“Come on, smile back” I said to him, hoping that would cause him to smile at least.

“LJP wants to really fuck you up, Kaycee. There is absolutely nothing to smile about.” He replied and that scared me shitless.

For the first time in the twenty four hours I had spent behind bars, it slowly occurred to me that I might be spending more time at the station, in that cell that didn’t reflect what time of the day it was because it was always night, and that reeked so much of urine it was difficult for me to breathe.

My heart suddenly began to beat faster and my throat suddenly ran dry – I was fucked up. I was more fucked up than I actually thought I was. The realization was shattering

“But…” I liked buts. I liked to hear there was a but in this entirely messed up situation.

My eyes suddenly widened, I wanted to hear what this but entailed.

“I got you a very good Lawyer.”


He must have sensed how suddenly my optimism had risen and how suddenly it could fall flat because I had only realized his but was a good Lawyer.

What was I expecting? An Angel? Pfft, Like Heaven gave two fucks about someone like me.

“Kaycee, he is very good. Very. If you read the Papers you would actually know him.” I was not sure if AKT was trying to convince me to see this Lawyer as a good option or if he actually was a good option.

I desperately hoped he was though.

I wanted him to be my saving grace, my Angel, my Savior.

“His name is Steve Abolarinwa.” He added, “He’s very good. He just got someone off a highly publicized fraud case and he saved a Politician’s son from getting convicted for murder. And he is my cousin, so he would fight this to the very end.”

I nodded. This Steve person was my only option anyway so whether or not I believed he could help me didn’t matter.

I had to believe in him. I had to take him as my only option.

“I am not going to let anything bad happen to you, Kaycee. I love you.”

The sincerity in his eyes after speaking those words relieved me more than anything could ever had and it prepared me for the journey back into that horrible cell.

After he had left and I was alone, I pondered on what was going to happen in the coming days.

It was going to get pretty ugly out there. Question was, was I ready? Was I ready to be torn apart by online media? Was I ready for LJP’s anger? Was I ready for anything at all?

I had been too angry at LJP for beating the shit out of me that I had not even tried to think twice when Kofo came up with the grand plan to deal with him.

And my Parents… shit! My Parents!

Suddenly realizing my Parents could be in grave danger, I got on my feet and grabbed the iron bars that separated me from freedom.

What if LJP had gone to them and done something terrible? What if they had been hurt? I should have thought about them before making that stupid move.

I tried to shake the iron bars hard but who was I deceiving? There was nothing I could do about my current predicament.

Tears pooled in my eyes and fell but that was not the only thing falling, I was too, and so was my whole world.


I was not sure what time of the night I shut my eyes and drifted into sleep, I was just aware of a disgruntled Officer’s voice early the next morning.

He was telling me to wake up and was mumbling something about a Lawyer that I did not quite catch.

I did not care to be honest, I had heard enough to make me realize the light at the end of my tunnel was drawing nearer.

I hurried out of the cell and walked with the Officer to the counter at the Station’s entrance.

There was a slim, dark skinned guy with glasses, standing and talking to the Officers.

He did not seem to talk much, he just showed them a few documents and waited on them as each read with difficulty.

“Would you like me to read it for you, Officers?” He asked them, minutes after they all passed the document across to each of them. “Officers?” He asked, slightly impatient.

One of them looked at him and frowned, “Ehn so?” He asked the guy I knew was Steve and tossed the documents back at him.

“So, that very comprehensive document is telling you what you stand to lose if my client does not go home with me this very moment. You have already pushed your luck too far as it is, seeing as she was locked up for over a day without being charged with any crime.”

The Officers exchanged glances and then looked at Steve as if he was mad.

Steve waited for a response, when he seemed none was coming, he grabbed his phone and stepped out of the station.

He had not looked my way since I stepped out of the cell. In fact, if I did not know better I would have thought his business was solely with the Police Officers.

Talking about the Police Officers, they were murmuring to each other now. I could hear the disdain in their voices when they spoke about the Lawyer who thought he was smart and me, the asewo who went to bite more than I could chew.

Anger welled up inside of me as I eyed them, no be una fault. Na me cause am.

If I hadn’t been caught up in a situation with that Yaba Left Alumnus, all of these wouldn’t have happened.

I should have just stuck with Cherokee and the small change he was willing to send my way.

At least that one never laid his hands on me.

I was almost certain Steve had abandoned me in the Station when he returned some minutes later.

He walked to the counter, stood there and stared hard at the closest officer to him.

Whoever this guy was, he was a no nonsense person.

The Officer’s phone rang and he picked it immediately. “Sir.” He said, standing at attention immediately he heard the voice on the other end of the line.

“Yes sir.” He said, clearly taking orders. He drew out a book and beckoned on me to move closer.

I stepped closer and realized I was being asked to sign.

I was going to be free.

The Officer got off the phone and muttered a quick apology to me and Steve.

I did not bother to ask who had called or who Steve knew, I just hurriedly signed for my things that had been taken away from me and darted out of the Station as if worried the Officers would change their minds and hurry after me.

Steve joined me outside some minutes later and opened the car for me.

I stepped in, taking a seat near him in the posh interior of his grey Range Rover.

I inhaled the smell of lavender that greeted me once I got in and shut my eyes tightly.

Y’all know you smell something more with your eyes closed yeah?

My eyes were still shut when he started the engine and began to move and I was not brought back to reality until he said, “Are you going to use your seatbelt or not?”

I opened my eyes and muttered an apology before fixing the seatbelt. And that was when I took a closer look at him – he looked unimpressed with me, his brown eyes, even though they were hidden behind his glasses, were beautiful and one could get lost staring long into it. His white shirt was rolled up his sleeves and his black pants were held in place by an LV belt.

He was also handsome – his face like it had been carefully sculpted and his shoulders broad and strong.

God had taken extra time to work on this one, maybe even extra days because there was nothing, absolutely nothing ordinary about this look.

I almost reached out to touch his face but then, common sense took over and I pulled myself back.

This hot piece of chocolate might be handsome but he was my Lawyer and AKT’s cousin.

“Would you direct me to your house or do you expect me to know that?” He asked as we joined the highway.

I frowned; he seemed to have a condescending tone towards me. I sure was not imagining that was I?

“Banana Island” and before he could be rude, I added, “Use Google Map.” Oh yeah, Mr Boris Kodjoe, two can play that rudeness game.


Where had I got off thinking LJP would let me back into the house he got for me? I was even more stupid than I thought.

The mad man had locked the gate and taken the key.

When Steve and I arrived at the house, I had been told in clear words that I was not allowed back into the premises.

“Fuck.” I muttered as I returned to Steve’s car.

He was looking at me blankly, the way he had been staring at the Officers earlier at the station.

“So…?” He asked me as if he was wondering what I was doing back inside his car.

“Can you please take me to AKT’s?” I asked and he stared at me for so long I thought he was actually going to decline.

He shrugged, started his ignition and drove me towards AKT’s.

Adele was the one at home when we got there and the moment the security guy at the gate mentioned that, I knew there was absolutely no way I was going in there.

“I can’t go in.” I said to Steve when I heard Adele was the one present in the house.

“So what am I supposed to do with you?” He asked and at that point, I lashed out. Thing is, Steve was not the one I was angry at. I was angry at myself but why the heck was he looking at me and talking to me like I was an idiot?

“Then fuck off abeg. I am not asking for anything.” I said to him and got out of his car.

He shrugged and drove off.

I fished for my phone inside my pocket and called AKT.

“Kaycee, Babe I am so sorry I haven’t called. I have been in a meeting with LJP and he needs me to travel tonight. He was supposed to make the trip but then the pepper soup thing happened and I have to go.”

The disappointment I felt was overwhelming. And I also suddenly felt alone. “Okay.” I said.

“Please stay with Steve for today. I understand you can’t access your stuff. Stay with Steve and I would come for you once I return next Monday.”

“What?” Did he just say next Monday? A whole week from now?

“Steve is nice.” He began to say, trying to convince me that his cousin who clearly did not like me was nice. Yeah, right.

“I don’t want to stay with Steve, I want to stay with you.” But I had barely finished the sentence when I sighted Steve’s Range. He had returned to pick me.

“Get inside.” He said when he rolled down the glass. “I don’t have the whole day.”


Ladies, have you ever met a man so damn hot, so beautiful and so fresh but who you couldn’t stand?

You have?

That was who this Steve person was.

He was so damn fine yet so freaking annoying.

He had made me breakfast the moment we arrived at his and retreated into his room. When I was done, I took the dishes to the Kitchen to clean them.

“You don’t have to wash. I have a maid who does that.”

I ignored him. But I knew he was still standing there.

“You do what you want, I guess.” He said


“I’m guessing that’s what landed you in this mess.”

I turned and faced him, I was right about him. He was judging me.

“Excuse me?”

“This Sugar Daddy business, it was something you wanted to do and now, you have landed yourself in the situation.”

“And you have an opinion on my personal life because?”

“I’m your Lawyer.”

“Exactly. So keep your unwanted opinions to yourself.”

He chuckled, “Why are you angry?”

“Why are you annoying?”

I did not even mean to say that but the guy was so annoying, it was the only thing I thought about.

“Women.” He said before he turned, “All the same.”

I abandoned the plate in the sink and marched towards him, I pulled him back before he reached the door. “Don’t you ever speak to me like you know me again. Ever.” Why was I this mad again? I could just ignore the idiot.

“But I know you. I know your type. They think because they are pretty and have everything a man could possibly physically want in a woman, the world is theirs. Then they hurt feelings, ignore people who truly care about them and follow men they believe can pay for their lifestyle. Only to end up here.”

I wanted to say something. Heavens knew I wanted to.

“I know you, Kelechi. I do. And that is why I can’t stand you.”

When he left that kitchen ehn, I think my pride left with him.

Dude had stripped me of my dignity just like that and he didn’t even lift a finger.




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  1. Tomi love, thank you for such a wonderful episode.
    I pray that Kelechi gets out of this alive. And I hope she doesn’t end up in Steve’s bed.

  2. You chose the right name to suit this annoying lawyer. What’s all the obiakpo for? Mtcheww. Sit from far and judge you. The next thing, he’ll want to help her check if the elastic in her pant is doing ok.

  3. Thanks Tomi,I guess the only reason yuh get the ‘too short’ comment is because we love yur story and wouldn’t want is to end. Thanks for the change of mind

  4. Damn!!! Am soooooooooooo (ok wait is the O enough) SORRY… E Mabinu ma… Its been officially Banned #TooShort and Yes ThumbsUp..

    I hope kaycee will naht bed this AKT’s cous

  5. I love you and your series Tomi but I won’t indulge you. It’s rude you think the its too short comment is rude cos the truth is some episodes are short. We aren’t judging you by saying that but expressing that we dont want an end to the series. We lead busy lives as well and take out time to read your series so appreciate us the way we do you. There are lots of writers out there even on without this followership sef.
    It’s surprising you aren’t monetizing this. You are good at what you do.

    1. I’m not even sure what this means, “I love you and your series Tomi but I won’t indulge you. It’s rude you think the its too short comment is rude cos the truth is some episodes are short”. It’s rude that I think the clearly rude comments are rude? I’m not even sure I understand this. But if by any chance, what you mean is that I should suck it up cos I have a “followership” on this blog, then no. Sorry. You know why? Because it is NOT okay to say something insensitive regardless of the situation. I didn’t say people don’t have lives outside this, I’m not sure where you got that. We all have lives outside this and i LOVE you and everyone else that reads, I’m just asking for everyone to be sensitive. This takes a lot of hard work and energy and “it is too short” is unfair a comment when I have worked my ass off. So yeah, it is rude. love you, Lily.

      1. I haven’t seen anything rude in one saying a series one enjoys is short. I guess it should make u happy that people don’t want to stop reading your article, not the other way round. Even if it doesn’t go down well with you there are better ways to say it than calling it RUDE.

        Saying you wanted to stop writing sounded funny really. We all understand you are busy and u sacrifice a lot just to post a series, but my dear its not BAD if any one yearns for more. I read other writer’s stories and i also read comments asking for more using ‘TOO SHORT’ and none of those authors has ever called them RUDE.

        You are a good writer and i love all you works, please don’t sound like you have an attitude.
        One love!

  6. Tomi we love you and please don’t stop the series, have been here like a million times just to check your post. I love your work and I know it is brain tasking and draining but don’t stop please. We pray for more strength and inspiration for you.

  7. Whether they complain that it is too short or too boring, My only worry is that U gat me captivated by your articles.. These are not the kinda stories I would read on a very good day… But now i always look forward to updates from you… As for those bad belles… Gerrourahere..

  8. Finally?….kept checking everyday for updates…..pls don’t mind em too short ppl jare make dem write ders make we?…more ororo to ur elbow joor?

  9. I recently started following your write ups but I think the it is too short comments is not rude at all. Its just shows how much people enjoy reading your work. You deciding you won’t write again will affect both the reader and the writer.
    P.S you are good at what you do. But a writer needs to develop a thick skin to criticism

  10. “it is too short” is not criticism, it is insensitive and rude. Since you insist on getting an illustration, here’s one: you’re a parent, you work your ass off to get your child something of value even when you had to go out of your way for it. Then while you hope you’ve pleased the child, the only thing he or she says is, “it is not enough”. Would you overlook it and say oh he loves it that’s why he’s being unfair and insensitive? I don’t think so. U don’t have to agree that the comments are rude, but they are. The truth is the truth.

  11. Nigerians and indiscipline sef. The author clearly stated that the ‘it’s too short’ comments is a turn off for her and some of us still believe we have to give meaning to the word stupid. This is for free. When you buy a book @ Barnes and Noble that’s when you get to have any sort of complain. P.S look for something this good elsewhere if you can find it

  12. yaay, my sweetie is back, don’t mind we the oliver twist, i love where this story is going and i kind of suspect a love twist between steve and kelechi. love u to the moon and back

  13. Tomi, your work is lovely, absolutely lovely. I can’t say for sure but I think you have some work to do getting used to the “limelight” or fame, but guess what? You put yourself out there! People will always say. Can you do this because you love to and appreciate the fact that people are commenting because they’re reading your work and not you reading theirs? If you expect everyone to “love you” and patronize you like the early comments did because you “raked”, you’re in the wrong line. Not even Jesus got that. What you do is golden, you are talented. No one can take that from you. You don’t need the validation. Your decision to publish this series proves the most important validation; that of yourself! You decided to steer this ship. Steer it in the best way ONLY you know how to! I won’t beg you to continue to publish. Just do you!

  14. You write so well….this got me a’God had taken extra time to work on this one, maybe even extra days because there was nothing, absolutely nothing ordinary about this ‘… awesome story

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