My Song Of The Moment: Lost In You By Praiz

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I am a die-hard fan of hardcore music. Not the ones with explicit x-rated contents but the ones that reach to you, touch your heart and send a million messages to your soul. I enjoy music that makes me reflect on life; my choices (old, new and the ones I will make in the future), my plans and everything I will ever be known for.

I love music that breaks me apart and heals me at the same time, music that calls my attention to very human things that I may have forgotten in the hustle to make a name for myself. Yeah, I love music that speaks the truth and reminds me of how indispensable I am, music that soothes me and preaches to me. And because of this, Nigerian music is not really my thing; except for very few Nigerian artistes like Timi Dakolo and Praiz who just found his way to that list with his very, very, very HOT new single “Lost In You”.

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Sincerely, I was never a fan of Praiz until I stumbled upon the newly released video of his song on YouTube and it caught my attention; got to me so badly that I had to download the audio and video and put the song on replay. This song is the best thing that ever came out of a Nigerian RnB singer in a while (excluding anything from Timi Dakolo, of course) and I am not just judging this by the song alone but by everything. The lyrics of the song were not gibberish lines filled with nonsense but words that carried really deep emotions. Praiz voice was on point and Sammy was just so awesome.

There was something about the way they sang that made me almost cry (I actually cried a little) and the video was “clean”. I was actually impressed because there was no expensive timberland boots or airmax sneakers or expensive jewelries in sight. It was shot exactly like a prison will be (yankee prison though cos naija prison no fine reach that). The bad walls, the sweat patch on his vest (singlet), the bullies, the warder’s reaction to them holding hands made it look so real. It was a pleasure to watch and it suits the song perfectly.
“Lost In You” is powerful and very deep; gave me a reason to be proud of Nigerian music. It is a very beautiful love song (my perfect first couple dance song) and I rate it a whooping 8.

Watch the video HERE

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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  1. I usually don’t leave comments on blogs but I felt like I wrote this post (could totally relate). Saw the video on TV and immediately had to download the audio.
    Sammy was just amazing (although haven’t heard anything his done until now). Looking forward to listening to stuffs from Sammy too.
    Have had the song on replay since I downloaded it. It’s just amazing

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