Social Media Is Destroying Our Inner Ability? Seriously?

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Today, I was watching a women’s program on of these local TV channels and they were discussing the Nigerian education sector. Lots of points were raised as to why the education sector of the country seems to deplete and some students’ lack of interest towards studying.

One woman said that parents have stopped monitoring their children’s progress in school all because they are more concerned on how to bring food to the table which I strongly agree with. Most women have to work as hard as the men (if not harder) to help the family surrvive and the spare time they have is taken up by preparing a decent meal for the family, going grocery shopping, cleaning the house and performing wifely duties. By the time she is done, she is too tired to keep her eyes open much less look at the kids’ notebooks.

Another point raised was that teachers don’t bother to do extra jobs on their students; most just come to class, teach, check assignments, flog students and call it a day. There is no extra monitoring done because most are not actually in the job but the money (which is very true as unemployment has pushed many to take up any kind of job that will keep their belly full). Lot of beautiful points were raised that were very apt that I strongly agreed with except for one; social media is destroying students’ inner ability and willingness to study. When I heard this, I almost broke something.

Social media, although, has been a major distraction to so many people because it very addictive. People are often found spending more time tweeting, posting pictures on Instagram, pinging, liking posts or pictures on Facebook. If you are not found on any social media platform, you are considered to be anti social. It is so much of a big deal that almost 70% of the world’s population can be found online. Yes, social media takes a lot of your time but trust me, it doesn’t destroy the inner ability of anyone except if you want it to (if you don’t know how to use the social media  to your advantage, it will cause a major disadvantage to you).

People, especially the older generation, have to understand that social media has done a lot of good to the Nigerian youths since its inception. It is no longer a platform where you just come to chat and make friends, it is a platform to connect with people that will influence you positively or drive you to be a better person (the people who have been a source of inspiration and fuel to my passion are people I met on social media).  Either directly or indirectly, social media has been a major source of income for many people especially university students (I can’t count how many doors of opportunities social media has opened for me. It has been a major help in getting me through university) and I am not talking about scamming people; I mean legit money made through social media management, jobs secured via social media. With loads of awareness campaign for health issues, political issues, entertainment, lifestyle, it is an avenue to learn. In fact, most news are broken first on social media before you watch them on TV or read them on paper.

Social media is no longer a place where you just come to have fun, it is a place to learn, be informed, be empowered, and be better. For me, social media has helped to discover and harness my inner ability rather than destroy it. I have been inspired by more people on social media than in the real world. If social media is killing your creativity, it is because you’ve not using the platform the right way. When you follow the right people on twitter and the likes, you are on your way to be a better person.

So, note to the older generation, social media can only kill your inner ability when you don’t know what social media is all about. Rather than discouraging the young ones, awareness should be raised on how to use the social media to their own advantage .

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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