Sex Position Of The Week: The Organ Grinder

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The Organ Grinder is this week’s sex position. It is a spicy version of the missionary we all know and always do.

It is a g-spot hitter and if deep penetration is your type of thing, you’ll love this. It’s personally one of my favorites and makes for mad, crazy sex!

organ grinder

The woman should simply lie on her back as she does with the missionary style and raise her legs up but spread them apart. Penetration would be easy for the man as his woman’s vagina is all opened for him to see.


Go in slowly and start with gentle thrusts. Remember that the vagina is like a blooming flower during sex; meaning, it opens up as momentum builds up. Hence for deep penetration styles like this, don’t thrust in too hard at first or you might sore her too quickly.

As momentum builds and you get deeper and she gets wetter, give your waist a little lift and aim for the g-spot, which is above, not below or deeper. The aim is to be thick inside her, making her feel you inside but at the same time, tapping her g-spot with each thrust.

Ladies, you can also thrust your hips upwards to meet him at every movement, that way you control how his cap touches your g-spot.  Also squeeze his dick with your vaginal walls and this presses your g-spot down on his length and also gives him pleasure.

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This position allows for nipple stimulation since the man is on top and can reach out his hand to fondle and caress; and he can even suck them if he so wishes.

To get the best out of the Organ Grinder, clitoral stimulation before penetration can help.

The only downside with this is the lady’s legs. She might get tired after a while.

Difficulty Factor: ???

Erotic Factor: ?????


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