Ronda Rousey Disses Mayweather: “Text Me When You Know How To Read & Write”

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. supports Ronda Rousey

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Ronda Rousey

There is a beef going on between undefeated boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and undefeated UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Ronda Rousey: Fighters involved in verbal beef
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Ronda Rousey: Fighters involved in verbal beef

The bad blood started in June 2014, when a reporter had asked Mayweather about Rousey, and he responded: “I don’t even know who he is.”

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Rousey didn’t respond until July this year, when she won the ESPY award for Best Fighter over Mayweather.

In her statement, she said: “I wonder how Floyd feels being beat by a woman for once. I’d like to see him pretend to not know who I am now.”

Mayweather, who was named the world’s richest athlete by Forbes, then retorted by throwing his money in the Fast & Furious star’s face.

“I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said in an appearance on SportsCenter. “When she can do that, then call me.”

Rousey proved to be more than a match, and used Mayweather’s beloved money to attack him back.

“[Floyd] said ‘You make $300 million a night, then you can give me a call’ … and I actually did the math and given the numbers of my last fight, I’m actually the highest paid UFC fighter and I’m a woman.” Rousey said when stopped by a TMZ reporter.

“I think I actually make 2-3 times more than he does per second … so when he learns to read and write, he can text me.”

Rousey’s claims are believable, considering she wins her fights in under one minute, as opposed to Mayweather’s 36-minute fights.

Currently, Mayweather has the last word, as he told TMZ Rousey is just looking for publicity.

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“Big bank take little bank,” Mayweather said in a statement that appeared on TMZ Sports. “Let’s play and see how much money you got.

“Last time I checked I was No. 1 on Forbes,” Mayweather said. “She will never be at my status. Keep trying to get publicity.”

Who’s winning so far? Keep checking back for updates on this beef!



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