Rita Ora Reveals She Flirts With X Factor Contestants

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Rita Ora

New X Factor judge Rita Ora has revealed she flirts with contestants on the UK hit talent show.

Rita Ora who recently quit The Voice to be a judge on the UK show, has released new promo photos for the show and, has revealed that she flirts with the male contestants.

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According to Rita:

I instigate it… once I start instigating it they get more comfortable, my aim is to get them comfortable, to get the pressure off them, if I can, and then hopefully they would do a better audition.

While you might not necessarily agree with Rita, she does believe it helps.

What’s more, the singer is not just a flirt with contestants, she is actually naturally like that.

Rita Ora reveals that she is like that with everyone. She says it is more like a “joke” but people tend to take it more seriously.

Hmm, Aunty Rita ya hot and fine who wouldn’t take a flirty you seriously?

This nature might be the reason she is an easy target in the Industry because just recently, Rapper Asap Rocky blasted her in his lyrics and Rob Kardashian has tweeted nasty things about her in the past.

Whether or not the world would agree with her tactics is one thing though and the hot photos she just released are another!

She is steaming hot in those photos. See for yourselves…

Rita Ora 3 Rita Ora 2 Rita Ora



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