Rihanna Slams NBA Star Matt Barnes After He Hints They’re Having A Relationship

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Uh-oh, you better be dating Rihanna before talking about it because guess what? Matt Barnes just learnt!

The NBA star got into a little trouble with the Pop princess when TMZ cameras caught up with him yesterday and asked him about the state of his relationship with Rihanna.

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Rihanna who has been recently pictured at different times with Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton seems to be every man’s dream, which does not completely surprise us, but that is all it seems she’d ever be to Matt Barnes – a dream.

Watch Matt’s response to the TMZ camera when he was asked about Rihanna.

However, when the video hit the internet, Rihanna watched it like the rest of the world and she took to her Instagram to shut Mr Barnes down. And guess what? Aunty Rih was not nice at all…


Looks like Mr Barnes would have to carry this embarrassment around for a while like the tattoos on his body.

Wonder if he has some words for Rih?



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