Rihanna Is Still Single As She Makes A Choice Between Hamilton & Benzema

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Who is Rihanna's boyfriend?: Singer studying after options

Who is Rihanna’s boyfriend?

Rihanna is currently very single, and is said to be considering the two sportsmen linked to her: Lewis Hamilton and Karim Benzema.

Who is Rihanna's boyfriend?: Singer studying after options
Who is Rihanna’s boyfriend?: Singer studying after options

According to E! News however, the Barbadian beauty is said to be prefer the Formula 1 star over the Real Madrid striker.

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“Rihanna and Lewis had a nice little getaway last weekend in Barbados. Rihanna also spent time with her friends and family but Lewis was the only romantic interest on her mind,” the website reports.

“They had lots of fun together around the island and also got some private romantic time.”

“Karim is fading out and looks like Rihanna has only one guy on her mind and that’s Lewis,” the website added.

“She is taking it very slow and just having fun, but she likes who he is and what he is about no label on them just yet.”

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“Rihanna is dating now and she hasn’t put a label on anyone,” another source told the website.

“She is still talking to Karim but she is also talking to Lewis and keeping her options open. She is not at any point in her life now ready to settle just for anyone but she is enjoying the time she has with her friends and also focusing on work.”



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