Project Fame West Africa Academy Day 2: Contestants Go Through Fitness Drill

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The contestants of the MTN project fame west Africa season 8 spent their second day in the academy passing through fitness drills. As the saying goes, ‘there’s No gain without pain’, the fitness coach Mr. Sani Imonikhe, addressed the contestants on their need to put in much effort in keeping themselves fit.

He went on further to tell them that they would have to put in as much effort and energy into training their bodies as they would into training their voices. The assertions made by the fitness coach was backed up with actions as by the time the fitness session was over, all the contestants were sweaty and panting.

Not long after the work out session, the principal of the Academy, Joke Silva who is fondly called Mummy J had her first encounter with the contestants in the season 8 edition. She asked the contestants ‘If it’s not music, what else’? Mummy J perhaps in an attempt to approach the contestants from a more pragmatic point of view reminded them that all of them cannot emerge winners. She reminded them that this does not however mean that not coming out tops in the show doesn’t mean they all can’t have excellent careers in music. She went on further to ask all the contestants other interests they will likely consider pursuing if music doesn’t work out for them.

Each of the contestants stated their other interest excluding. So in answer to her question, they all took turns to mention their other interests.

Ms. Ige was the third and last tutor for the day. She ended the day on a good note as she took the contestants through the rudiments of effectively utilizing their voices. She also challenged them all to identify their strengths and weaknesses which would be important in laying a strong foundation for the weeks ahead.



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