Project Fame 8.0: Tejiri Advises Jeff On His Relationship With Pearl

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Uncle Ben brought out his strict side yet again after Joy flouted one of the seemingly simple rules of the academy. Joy had to learn the hard way that the rules of the academy are sacrosanct when she broke one. She had taken off her hair extensions because she felt they didn’t look good on her and for that reason, Uncle Ben initially announced that she will not be performing any song over the weekend which would have automatically placed her on probation for her actions but he eventually forgave her. He however sounded a note of warning to other contestants present saying such actions would not be giving a soft landing in the future.

Uncle Ben proceeded to give all the contestants the songs they would be performing by the weekend which was a collection of top Nigeria hit songs cutting across various genres.

Also, the contestants all showed a different side to them that was previously unknown. the contestants mostly exhibited some attitude that is gradually shaping their personalities in the academy. Deinde was all pumped up running all over the house trying to get into the character of Banky W’s Song “Jaiye Ori Mi” which he would be performing over the weekend while Tejiri played the role of a concerned friend when she made her thoughts concerning Jeff and Pearl’s relationship known to the former. While speaking to Jeff, she advised him not to forget the reason why he is in the Academy and that every other thing should be secondary.

Some of the contestants who were not on probation on their part supported the other contestants by helping them work on their songs and as such ensuring that they do not repeat their mistakes from last week.



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