Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Visit Beat Fm

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Academy Day 23

As is tradition on Project Fame show, the contestants routinely visit a radio station to canvas for votes from viewers of the show. In this season 8 edition, only a handful of the contestants on probation have had the opportunity of visiting the radio station. On academy day 23 however, all eleven of the contestants visited the Beat 99.9 FM studio.

OAPs from the station in person of Olisa Adibua and Maria Okan out of curiosity regarding why all the contestants were placed on probation, requested all of them to briefly repeat and perform the songs from the nomination show that got them in the logjam. The contestants stepped up one after the other to sing, as the presenters praised and encouraged them.

Soon after the performances, the contestants moved to more serious business as they appealed for votes from listeners. Each of the contestant took turns to give out their voting details and they rounded up their time at the station with a freestyle session for the radio station to show appreciation.

As soon as the contestants returned to the academy, they moved straight to Ms. Ige’s class. The class featured rehearsals of their songs in preparation for the upcoming weekend.

Ms. Ige ended her class for the day by making the contestants perform a ‘Bubble exercise’ to help improve their vocal prowess. She however discovered that Jeff had a problem meeting up with the song he was singing and she inquired the reason for this. The other contestants did not hesitate to tell Ms. Ige that Jeff had been putting a lot of stress on his voice when he ought to be resting.



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