Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Try Out ‘Tongue Twisters’

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Academy Day 17

The contestants were filled with so much excitement in anticipation of their upcoming performances which will take place over the weekend. Perhaps, the excitement may be drawn from the fact that the contestants would be performing Nigerian hit songs, which has obviously required hardwork and intense preparations in order to stay in the academy.

Due to these reasons, Mummy J made the contestants practice and try out a popular ‘tongue-twisting’ exercise in the hope that the exercise would show them why they need to concentrate fully and control their breathing during performances.

More so, Mummy J went on further to encourage the contestants on probation by telling them to put in more effort and strive for better performances when they go on stage next Saturday.

Ms Ige during her class still concentrated on maintaining good breath control. She introduced a ‘candle exercise’ to the contestants for this reason. She also rehearsed with the contestants on probation, while placing emphasis on how best the contestants can deliver ‘notes, vibratos’ and other things relating to their voices.

The activity filled day was rounded off on a fun note as the contestants had a small birthday celebration for Biko whose birthday came up the previous day.



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