Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Test Their Rap Skills

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Academy Day 22

As is tradition in the project fame academy at the beginning of a new week, the contestants vote in a new house captain. To do this, they usually employ various interesting and fun techniques and that of this week was no different.

The outgoing Captain- Oluchi decided on a rap game to elect the new captain of the house. She did this by pairing the contestants in twos and making them ‘battle’ each other in a freestyle rap session. The session was full of fun and laughter as the contestants tried to keep the rap flowing by improvising with funny lyrics in between their flows. At the end of the game, Anderson emerged winner and as such, he took over the baton of captainship from Oluchi.

The activity of the day continued when the out gone house captain- Oluchi continued the fun by staging a mock talk show. She put all of the contestants on the spot one after the other, while giving the others an opportunity to ‘call in’ on the show to ask the contestant questions of their choice. Uncle Ben walked in while they were in the middle of a music/dance break.

For the upcoming weekend elimination show, Uncle Ben handed out impressive song ballads which the contestants were expected to master before the weekend. He also splitted the contestants in twos for what would be interesting performances.



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