Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Learn About Image And Branding

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Academy Day 19

The contestants spent their 19th day in the academy learning how to improve on their personal image and branding. They had a special guest tutor in the person of Ayeni Adekunle, a Public Relations professional and CEO of a newspaper company. He told them that “Your personal brand is what differentiates you from others” He went on to share insights into the dynamism of the music industry and the vital role the media can play to either make or mar an artiste.

He was also able to make the contestants realize the immense advantage being in the competition conference on them as they no longer had to start from scratch as opposed to other people. Ayeni told them that the show had a large followership which it had garnered over the years, that inadvertently confers on them a huge fan base. He however made it known to them the importance of knowing how stated the Nigerian music industry operates and creating plans and strategies that would ensure their survival and success.

After the enlightening class, Ms Ige came around to have voice rehearsals with the contestants in hope that they can get the perfect voice for their upcoming weekend performances.



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