Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Learn About Copyright

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Academy Day 25

The contestants were visited by The Chairman of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) – Chief Tony Okoroji who was in the Academy to tutor the contestants on the various laws guiding copyright including the creative materials they will be putting out as artistes.

The COSON Chairman spoke on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’, while laying emphasis on the business side of showbiz to the contestants. He spoke on the need for the contestants to understand that copyright is an essential part of music which they must crave to understand if they are to protect their rights, convert it to money, and also avoid lawsuits as a result of trampling on other artistes’ rights.

After the exit of Chief Okoroji, Mummy J began her class with the contestants. She told them that she observed that a lot of them were good with their emotions but they weren’t consistent with it.

In order to address what she saw as an important issue, she asked each of the contestant to perform two songs, one after the other. She however requested that they perform a song they were emotionally and vocally comfortable first, then transition to the song they were required to perform this weekend.

By the time Deinde finished performing the songs, Mummy J was able to discover what his lapses were regarding his lyrics and song arrangements during his mock stage performance.



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