Project Fame 8.0: Contestants Disappoint Ade Bantu

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After Saturday night’s elimination show, it dawned on all the contestants that it was important for them to be at the top of their game at each and every performance. The competition had clearly moved beyond the contestants having vocal ability to showcasing other innate skills that would be essential in keeping them in the house.

The night’s show kicked off with the grand entry of the hosts – Joseph Benjamin and Bolanle Olukanni. The stunningly dressed hosts immediately set to the days nights’ work by welcoming the judges, members of the faculty and the audience. They proceeded to announce that the remaining fourteen contestants were itching to thrill everyone with their songs.

Jeff kicked off performances for the night by opening the show with a rendition of Usher’s ‎‘There Goes My Baby’. He was followed by Biko who sang ‘I Wanna Love You’ by Akon. This was quickly followed by Arewa who sang ‘Where Do Broken Hearts go’ by Whitney Houston while Pearl on her part performed ‘I Bet’ by Ciara. Pearl’s twin sister, Ruby on her part sang Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’ while Kumi who was saved from elimination by fellow contestants the previous day performed ‘Talking About Revolution’ by Tracy Chapman. Ada performed ‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyonce to draw the curtain on the first set of performances which had the audience and everyone present excited and craving for more.

Anderson kicked off the second set of performances as he stepped on stage to sing Chris Brown’s ‘Crawl’, followed closely by Deinde who sang ‘Crazy’ by Kci and Jojo. Tejiri was up next and she sang ‘All at once’ by Whitney Houston, Chike performed ‘The Man’ by Aloe Blacc, while Richie gave a good rendition of ‘No one else comes close’ by Joe. Oluchi sang Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pills and Portions’ while Joy closed the show with a lovely performance of ‎‘A long Walk’ by Jill Scott.

The judges were of the opinion that most of the contestants were beginning to come out of their shells but were largely unimpressed with the way the contestants interpreted the songs. This led to six of the contestants being placed on probation.

The contestants are Chike, Deinde, Richie, Tejiri, Oluchi, and Ruby.



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