Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 9: Mummy J Goes Tough On The Contestants

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Mummy J has always being the motherly figure the contestants from all of the previous seasons can relate to. She however showed her tough side to the contestants on academy day 9. She stepped into the house for her lesson only to find a few of the contestants seated and ready for the days session. She was all the more angry at the contestants as she had earlier told the contestants her mind concerning lateness to classes saying she considered doing so “tacky”.

Not in the mood to indulge the contestants, she asked all the latecomers who attempted to sneak into the class on hearing her voice to go back to their rooms. Perhaps in an attempt to prove to the contestants that punctuality is a virtue, she had her class only with the contestants that were punctual.

It appeared as if the contestants had learnt their lesson from Mummy J’s action as they were all seated by the time it was time for Ms Ige’s class. Ms Ige took her time to discuss the performance of all the contestants during the previous weekend telling each and every one of them the areas they needed to improve on. She went on further to give all of them tips concerning how they can control their breathing while dancing, singing and performing a lot of body movements during a stage performance that requires such.



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