Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 8: Contestants Vote In New Captain

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As usual with the tradition of MTN Project Fame West Africa, each new week brings about new challenges, new songs to perform and of course, a new captain for the academy.

As a means of electing a new house captain, the outgoing class captain – Ada chose to call on all her fellow contestants to step out one after the other to deliver their manifestos. While the contestants delivered their manifestos, it seemed obvious that some of the contestants wanted the position more than others as they sounded believable with their convincing words.

However, it appeared that some of them were making every effort to avoid the responsibilities that comes with the position as they made wild and unbelievable promises of what they would do if they became captain. At the end of the manifesto and voting, Kumi emerged house captain for the week after garnering the highest number of votes.

After the elections, Uncle Ben visited the house. He made it known to the contestants that their song performance for the upcoming weekend would be based in Rhythm and Blues (R’n’B). He also told them that they would also be required to perform a group song.

Furthermore, in his usual brash and abrasive style, Uncle Ben told Deborah, Kumi, Jennifer, Tejiri, and Richie, of the consequences of them being on probation.

He however still encouraged them by telling them to seek help and advice from their fellow contestants whenever a need to do so arises reminding them that they would be required to perform the songs that put them on probation once again during the next elimination show coming up by the weekend.

Uncle Ben ended the day by telling the contestants to work harder and give their best.



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