Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 5: Contestants Let Their Fears Lose

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The fifth day of the contestants in the academy commenced with the practical class of the academy principal, Mummy J. The principal requested the contestants to talk about the contents of their songs as opposed to singing it out the conventional way.

As a result of this unconventional means of expressing the contents of their songs, each of the contestants took turns to recite the lyrics of the songs they would be performing over the weekend. Mummy J was able to teach the contestants how to identify individual emotions and infuse the appropriate emotions in each song. As she said, “Every song always has a mixture of emotions surrounding it, you’ve got to find it”.

As has been the tradition in the project fame west Africa academy, zero tolerance for lateness to class in the academy is being enforced. Mummy J took out time during the course of her class to reiterate the importance of being timely and punctual to class after her lesson of the day. The words of Jim Rohn regardi discipline readily came to mind as Mummy J, told them “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
After Mummy J’s class, the Choreographers came into the house to help the contestants cultivate the ability to express the best emotions and fine tune their stage performance.

After what appeared to be a draining choreographic session, the contestants participated in a game. The game required them to compose and sing a song about their hopes and fears all within a time frame of thirty-seconds (30secs). It was fun and a means to relive stress from the rigours of the activities of the day.



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