Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 4: Olisa Adibua Lectures The Contestants

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The contestants had an amazing 4th day in the MTN project fame west Africa academy. They were visited by Popular media guru and On Air Personality – Olisa Adibua. The purpose of the famous OAP visit to the academy was to intimate the contestants on happenings in the entertainment industry uwhile also giving them a general overview.

Bringing his wealth of experience to the academy, Olisa shared key points with the contestants which would help ensure they become and stay successful in the entertainment industry.

In what appeared similar to the lecture given by the principal of the academy- Mummy J, Olisa Adibua buttressed her points by telling the contestants that the most important thing is not emerging the winner of the competition as making it to the academy is all the spring board they need to launching a successful musical career. He also laid emphasis on the fact that it was important for the budding stars to enter the entertainment industry for the right reasons as it would be a good foundation for a successful music career.
He went on further to tell the contestants to live a balanced life and not forget their roots. In his words, ‘Fame is like a double edged sword, once you are out there, everything you do will be over analysed.’

After the exit of Olisa Adibua, Ms Ige walked in to have a session with the contestants as a way of preparing them for their upcoming performances by the weekend. She gave all the contestants tips that would come in handy for them in recognising predominant emotions in their songs and delivering the message of the song to the audience.



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