Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 11: Season 4 Winner Visits The House

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The contestants had a surprise visitor in the person of the winner of the season 4 edition of project fame west Africa -Monica Ogah. She stopped by the academy to help motivate the contestants and share valuable tips that helped her succeed during her own time in the academy.

The contestants warmly welcomed her to the house as their eagerness to learn from someone who had previously passed through the house was evident. They were all eager to find out what made her come out tops during her time and how she has been able to cope since then in the music industry.

Monica on her part held nothing back from the contestants as she gave them valuable tips from her wealth of experience relating to song writing, their voices and connecting with the audience during performances.

Uncle Ben’s class was one filled with seriousness and some humour. The minute Uncle Ben stepped in for his class, he announced that he would be spending 3 minutes to rehearse with each and everyone of the contestants. As a result of this, contestants who were unable to get ready in time were sent out of the class at the beginning of the rehearsals.

The role of Chike in the whole drama was of particular interest especially when Uncle Ben asked him to explain why he failed to learn the bridge using strong Igbo accented English. The ensuing conversation between tutor and contestant gave the rest of the house something to laugh about.

Ms. Ige was the third and final visitor to the house for the day. She took out time to highlight key areas the contestants should pay attention to if they are to give a performance to remember over the weekend.



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