Project Fame 8.0 Academy Day 10: Contestants Gear Up For The Weekend

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The contestants are getting more serious with their preparations and rehearsals as the weekend approaches. This is even more intense with contestants who are on probation perhaps because they know they have to fight harder if they have any intention of remaining in the academy as opposed to others who only have to entertain the audience with the first group performance.

The 10th day in the academy featured Uncle Ben’s class. He made all attempt to help the contestants perfect their songs for the weekend by telling them what the judges, faculty and audience expected from them.

More so, the choreographer for the academy, Ms Lovette took over proceedings for the second class of the day. She put the contestants through the dance routines for their various performances. The lessons for the day ended with Mummy J’s session. She paired the contestants up and asked them to perform some specific emotions in their songs. She told them it was necessary for them to connect to their emotional sides during performances.

And to serve as a quick reminder, the contestants that would be facing probation are Jennifer, Kumi, Richie, Deborah, and Tejiri.



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