Platini: I Won’t Seek Uefa Re-election

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It seems he is done, Uefa president Michel Platini has revealed he won’t run again, when his tenure ends in 2019, even though he doesn’t win the uefa election.

Platini is hoping to replace Blatter at the helm of Fifa, after the Swiss stepped down as president.

Platini has now made it know that should he win or not in February, he won’t run for re-election with Uefa.

Asked whether he would call time on his presidency if he failed to win his Fifa bid, he told reporters: “Yes. I’m stopping there.

“That means I may support a limit to a term in office as president in general.

“One thing is clear, my destiny is clear in Uefa.

“I don’t think it’s the right time to discuss Fifa issues. We’ve never done that and we don’t do that now.

“I’m a candidate for the presidency and I’ve said that since July. Elections are in six months’ time and there’s plenty of time to talk about that in due course.”



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