PHOTOS Of The Game Touching His 18 Year Old Girlfriend’s Privates In Public

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Rapper, The Game was caught in an act that seemed to be him  fingering his 18 year old girlfriend, India Love in a public park then giving her his finger to smell.

The images were released exclusively by MediaTakeout and though it is possible that the images are not what they seem to be, it is hard to think of another reason.

Check the photos below and judge for yourself.

The Game is like 'Ah fit?'
The Game is like ‘Ah fit?’
Game goes for it and India is like
The Game goes for it and India is like…
And now India is like
And now India is like
Game be like "...smell am"
The Game be like “…smell am”




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  1. These celebrities need to STOP making tv shows about looking for LOVE because there obviously FAKE because he is with none of them girls.GTFOH GAME.On some BULLSHIT

  2. Im over it , people always make such a big to do about celebrity behaviors when in reality all of us have done the same thing it just was not in the news cause we r not celebrity and what we do every day who gives a fiddle faddle

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