PHOTOS: Civil Servants In Ekiti Kneel, Lie Down To Beg After Coming Late

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Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose

Late Ekiti workers beg Fayose

A surprise visit from Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose to the state’s secretariat caught some of the workers unaware.

Some of the civil servants, who arrived to work late, were apprehended by Fayose, who demanded a reason as to their late arrival at work.

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With no valid reason, the workers took to pleading, kneeling down and prostrating on the floor to beg the governor.

See them below!

Fayose and Ekiti workers
Late Ekiti workers beg Fayose: Civil servants plead for mercy

The official Twitter account for the Ekiti State Government proudly shared the photos,




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