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Yesterday I went to the mall to buy running shoes and I saw my old friend Freddie. Back in the days, Freddie was quite the party animal; turning up at every social scene and the girls really loved him. After a short conversation with him, I found that he currently worked as a store manager at the mall and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him knowing that we had the same opportunities growing up but he made the wrong choices.

Most people say your best days are ahead of you but they’re actually right here, right now with the choices you make which is why when I look back today, I’m glad I made the decision to secure my future with PAL Pensions.

With the high rise of youths losing focus of their goals and priorities in recent times due to pressure and distractions, PAL Pensions launched to help youths understand their priorities and not lose focus of their goals.


Another friend visited the Hub and he told me he thoroughly enjoyed the brilliant and engaging articles on it, played trivia games and also told me of an app on the hub where you can get to “Predict your future”. Oh how I wish Freddie had this golden opportunity years ago. He probably would have been more informed on his decisions.

Growing up is optional but growing old is mandatory. 10 years down the line when you’re done turning up at every party scene, you’ll be left alone with your life choices without having anyone to blame but yourself. So, make that decision today to secure an awesome future because 10 years from now, you’ll wish you started today!





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