#Nollywood Movie Review Of ‘While You Slept’

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While You Slept


Kim (Ini Edo) loses Emeka, her actor husband (Big Tony) of ten years and a woman, Najite (Venita Akpofure), surfaces with a child, Emeka Jr. (Kenechi Ezeani); not only claiming that Jr. is Emeka’s son, but also insisting to be Emeka’ wife.


Kim’s character shows reasonable transition: a binge-drinking, hemp-smoking lady changed by Emeka.  Her aggression shows where she is coming from.  During the peace meeting initiated by Kim, her white brassiere peers from her orange blouse; wardrobe malfunction?  No, we understand it is consistent with her character; small details that add up, excellent.  When Najite pleads with Kim to give her a corner of Emeka’s life, one wonders why she did not rather ask for a corner in his death or more appropriately, wealth; a good line.  


However, when Kim claims not to have anyone in the world, one wonders why she reassured her mum over the phone that all is well; declining assistance from her mother and maintaining that she is capable of handling her problems.


Why is Papa Emeka’s dialogue in Igbo not subtitled?  The whole psychiatric facility subplot is untidy. Even if the escape is as easy as that, so no one asks questions about missing inmates?  Else, how does Kim become reintegrated into society as if nothing happened?  Why is the audience taken through the whole handcuff scene: just to prove they are recording a film? Some other scenes also drag unnecessarily.


Someone says, “… DNA text report” rather than “… DNA test result”.  If the director does not listen to his cast as they talk, what then does he do?  Joseph Benjamin’s character (Tega) is run-of-the-mill.  He stands by Kim all the way, which is commendable, but is he a eunuch?  One had expected that he will, at least, discuss romance with Kim.  How possible is it for a man, who is not in a romantic relationship to have a platonic relationship with a woman he is obviously attracted to?


The Gino subplot is not convincing in any way.  Do the writer and the director want us to believe that the kidnap of a movie director’s lead actor will make him reel off closely guarded secrets?  Even the secrets are not as earth-shattering as the producers think.  There is a scene where mucus comes out of Kim’s nose and she leaves it for several minutes.  Which adult does that?


At times, the creative people in Film-making (writers, directors, etc.) think that it is always intriguing to take a story in a totally different direction.  I beg to differ.  If the main plot had been the tale of two women who discover after their man’s death that they are married to the same man, it would have been enlightening to see how their lawyers would have argued their cases in court if the second wife was probably living in another country and never knew of her husband’s first marriage.  How will the law treat such a woman who was tricked into that kind of marriage, regarding her husband’s estate if he dies intestate?


As indicated earlier on, Gino and the psychiatric subplots are unbelievable and not well fleshed out, making While You Slept an average movie.


Amarachukwu Iwuala

Amarachukwu Iwuala

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